Saw Jango at FIDM in L.A. on 9/24 pic heavy


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I went with the local FanForce yesterday to L.A. to the Dressing the Galaxies exhibit at the FIDM. Man, was it awesome, especially when I got to the very end of the exhibit and there were Jango and ROTJ Boba standing right next to each other. Oh, and Zam was there too. I took as many pics as I could in between other visitors and before the orange pre-pic light (I think it's for red-eye reduction) on my camara started to annoy the wonderful security personnel. After 2 minutes of standing in front of the Fetts, my kid set off the alarm because he stuck his hand over the glass partition to point out the spikes on Boba's boots and immediately said he wanted boots on his shoes too. I told him ok, right before I had him go over to the nice (she really was) security guard lady with his big puppy dog eyes and cute little angelic smile and appologize for what he had done. By this time I had already concluded in my mind that if the security personnel were going to escort my son out of the exhibit for setting off the alarm, I was going to act like I didn't know him so that I wouldn't have to leave as well. He got to stay so I wasn't forced to stoop to new lows in fatherhood for the sake of Jango.:lol: But for the next 2-3 minutes all we could overhear on the security personels' walkietalkies was chatter about the alarm that had went off in the Bounty Hunter exhibit and the continued replies from the nice security ladies about what had happened and that the area was now "all secure". I thought the lighting was ok, maybe even good, but not great, and not terrible. The fact that the Fetts were featured at the very end of the exhibit helped because there was additional light being reflected through the huge archway leading to the exhibit store which was very well lit up that everyone had to go through in order to exit the exhibit and thus the museum. It was a wonderful sight seeing the kids walking around telling their parents how many of the slightly overpriced items they needed their parents to buy them in order to be happy little children. I especially liked the kid who was throwing a fit and crying on the floor (he was so lucky he wasn't my kid). But we did break down and buy one of the Dressing the Galaxy books that I highly recommend for anyone who is interested with the costumes and wardrobes of SW and my son got a couple of Fett Bust-ups, a scaled MR Luke lightsaber, and some Fett keychains. In the end the store got us for $150.

Now the interesting part. One of the people we were with bought the signature edition of the Dressing the Galaxies pack (the one for $300) with various random swatches, some sort of casted buckle, and other stuff I can't remember. But anyways in that book there was a color pallet and upclose pic of the cloth used for Jango's jumpsuit. We're all costumers (they're mostly Jedi but I don't hold it against them too much:)), but we all went to the fabric garment district, fashion district, whatever it's called in downtown L.A. where there are all the fabric stores and I think I might have found the most accurate fabric for Jango's jumpsuit I've been able to find in all of the central California area. A couple things I noticed with the Jango exhibit (as a person who has knowledge about sewing and the properties of different fabrics) is that there appeared to be some streching properties to Jango's jumpsuit that was very noticable in the upper thigh and calve area. The material also seemed to have some softness to the surface of the fabric as well as a very subtle brushed texture. After seeing the costume up close in person and standing in front of it inspecting every inch of it closely for about 30 minutes, in my opinion the Jumpsuit it's not a broadcloth becuase broathcloth is too thin and doesn't have the stretching properties apparent in the exhibit jumpsuit. Nor does the jumpsuit look like a twill because twill is too thick, stiff, and doesn't have the stretching properties as well. So I'll get to my point, we went to this fabric store in the fabric district, I found some 100% cotton linen fabric (soft, medium weight, slightly stretchable) that was a dead-close if not dead-on match to the jumpsuit swatch pic that was in my friend's swatch catalogue (we had it with us and paired it up side by side), and to what I saw personally of the jumpsuit in the exhibit. It was a light to medium indigo blue. I've included a pic of the material next to the photo in the Dressing the Galaxies Book. A great show, and a great find all in one day!!!

These pics were greatly resized (decreased by over 75%) from the original 5.1 mega pixel photos taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H1. The last pic is of the culprit after he tripped the alarm and right before he got beat down by the Tusken Raider!:lol:

Enjoy, Cruzer

Jango torso.JPG

Jango legs.JPG

Jango upper arm and shoulder.JPG

Jango sleeve.JPG

Jango shin.JPG

Jango shoulder bell.JPG

Jango holster.JPG

Side by side pic for sizing comparison.JPG

Quinton and Tusken Raider.JPG
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Yeah I thought about how it would be totally worth going to jail for, but trust me those nice security ladies would have brought my fantasy world crashing down back to reality and had me tasting carpet before I got back over the 3 foot glass partition...but the thought did cross my mind, even if it was for a split second!!!:eek: :lol:

Here's a pic of the fabric comparison with the photo in the Dressing the Galaxy pic. It's may be possible for me to get a lot more of this fabric but I'd have to do it soon though. The girl told me this would be the last bolt they were going to get of this fabric and then no more would be available. So, if there's anyone who would like a small swatch of this fabric to see what it looks like, paypal me .50 cents (to cover postage and an envelope) in the U.S. to my email and I'll send you a swatch asap. PM me also so that I know right away. Always willing to help out fellow TDHers!


Jango comparison fabric photo.JPG
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Yep, everything seemed small on Jango. The pic with both of them kinda shows the height difference between him and Boba. And yeah the shin armor looked small up close in person as well, and I also noticed it has a sort of intentional flare that starts at the middle and goes to the top of the side portion before it straightens out that's noticable on the side in that pic (the high megapixel pic I have is better and I can send it to your email-just let me know) and it seemed to not be attched at the bottom with a second elastic band because the bottow of the shin armor seemed to protrude a little as if there were only a single band along the top.

Oh, one more thing I noticed (mostly because I'm in the process of preping to sew a new jumpsuit) is that the short sleeve of the jumpsuit only has one hem line. One of the pics shows this but of course the original sized pic I have shows it better.
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Awesome. I'm going to be up there working the fan day october 9th and I'll also be making another trip just for photos and notes.
I wasn't aware of the Fan Day. What does that entail? Is it something people are probably going to attend in costume?

Yeah they have 20 people including myself working various shifts throughout the day in costume. The whole theme is fan costume day. They encourage all fans to come in their costumes that day.
Here's some comparison shots out in the unfiltered sun from left to right of the fabric again. The first pic is of the very front part and thus more exposed area of the fabric that had some slight fading due to light, sun, the elements, etc., and then the second pic is of an unexposed area of the fabric as it was further back on the bolt and covered by the rest of the fabric. Indoors, the faded part almost seems to have some violet tones to it (humm???). From left to right in both pics it's heavily heavily bleached and washed Dickies poly/cotton coveralls from Walmart, the fabric I found in the middle, and on the far right are a pair of unwashed Red Kapp coveralls that I'll be returning for a refund. From what I saw at FIDM, I think the faded part looks best as it looks weathered and looks more like what I saw at the exhibit. The color difference between the Red Kapps and fabric is more noticable in person than in the pic, but they're pretty darn close but not dead on.

Enjoy, Cruzer

fabric comparison new.JPG

fabric comparison faded.JPG
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Thats so cool! Your so luckey to have gotten to see a bunch of the real costumes! Great finds, I'm sure this will help out a lot of us greatly. Will you be uploading the high-res images to a site or making a ref cd, or add the images to the current ref cd and sell them? Great job!
askywalker98, I know exactly what it's like searching for hours on end for good reference photos. I used a post card, and a pic of Jango on the toy blasters as my only reference photos for my Ver. 1 Jango costume. I've already had a few inquiries from people wanting my high res. pics. Here's what I can do to help out. I'll download everything I've got from the show(even the bad pics) in high res. to my homepage on (cause that's the web pic host I use) and then people hopefully can access them from there and view and download the ones they want. Always willing to help out fellow TDHers, especially new guys like me! Give me till tonight and then I'll repost with the link.

Cheers, Cruzer
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I don't know about the color (pictures can be deceiving plus I want to see it in person before finalizing the color) but the texture of that fabric looks perfect!
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