Santa's Jango Build


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Picked up the flightsuit from the tailor where she just did the hem and it came out the perfect length. I think I need to go back and get the legs taken in a bit but figured I throw up the comparison for any feedback. The first picture is how the legs fit and the second picture I pulled back the left leg to compare a more "fitted" leg.

Also please excuse the dirty mirror!

Flightsuit as is:

Left leg "fitted":


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Small update, but got the jetpack decals from DeluckDesigns and gave the jetpack a good coat of clear coat. Seeker let me know the materials are in for the harness and it should be ready a week or two post celebration. Took to the flightsuit back to the tailors to get the legs taken in which unfortunately is going to take till June 22nd to complete.

Also went ahead and ordered metal darts and grappling dart for the right gauntlet as the ones I have snap off too easy for my liking. With the new
dates for things like the harness and flightsuit I am expecting to have some pictures fully suited up around July 4th. Getting closer!



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Since I haven't posted in a bit thought I may as well share a pic of the altered flight suit. Really happy how it came out! I have fairly large legs so happy that I could still get a "fitted" look without it looking too skinny on my legs. Gotta wait for some extra hands to line up the leg armor and the knees, but moving along nicely.

Still waiting on the harness, hoses, and center armor replacement, but getting really really close to a full suit up! May throw on the belts later once my wife goes home as I am sure all Jangos know how that girth belt fits, TIGHT!