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Is it just me being in a humid place such as Hawaii, or has anyone else experienced a tacky, gooey feeling when using Rustoleum brand spray paint? Even after I left my JP alone for over 24 hrs, I went to check it out and now I got me some fingerprint identification marks on it :(
yes! happnened to me today. I put it in my fridge for 5 minutes and it was fine.

hey, I used to live in hawaii, on Hickam airbase. are you military, or native to the area?
Local, kama'ania, civilian, what have you. Thanks for the tip. Now if only there was a way to fit the darn thing in my fridge...
GRRRRRR... what started to be a happy, fun, sunshiny project has turned into a nightmare. I misted some paint over the JP to get that coveted dirty look and the rustoleum base started to flake up:angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry :angry
I live in Las Vegas, very hot, very little humidity. Spraypaint can dry and be able to touch or a second coat, or be able to wear in 15-30 minutes.
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