Ruffkintoy\'s ESB gauntlets Interest Thread


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Ruffkintoy's ESB gauntlets Interest Thread

New pics added of the white accents on the right gauntlet. I used adhesive backed vinyl for this.



OOOOHHHHH!!! Thant looks pretty Kick-A**!!! Great work there! Yeah, can't wait to see how it looks on a gauntlet!
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As always, great work Chuck! ;)
I believe that to be reinforced (with steel rods) resin, am I correct?

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I did scratchbuild it but this is a plastic casting(no steel rods in this one though Bobo)
This was the first casting for testing, I will try to add rods on the next one.
I will try to get pics of it on a gauntlet soon.
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Those look great, but I have a very small suggestion.
The tips should probably be a little flatter and the bars could probably be a little thicker.

Some other things you might wanna consider possibly:
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