Ruffkins Gauntlets

I've been informed by another member of TDH that Ruffkins makes the best gauntlets. However when I went to their site, there wasn't a link that gave me the option of buying anything. If anybody knows how I can get my hands on a pair of Ruffkins Gauntlets PM me.
Yes! He makes some great gauntlets! I just got mine yesterday. I paid to have him build and paint them. Let me tell you, if you are at all not sure how they should look... let him do them! They look absolutely wonderful!
Sorry for the double post. Here's images of my gauntlets... As you can see, Ruffkin does quality work!




just to let averyone know, you will be able to order them through my site once it's finished. Me and chuck worked out a nice deal, so it benefits the customer more than us price-wise.
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