Rubies Jango to Boba Conversion


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OK, originally I was going to do a repaint on the Jango. Well, it ate at me and ate at me until I couldn't take it anymore and did another Boba. This is the two day conversion fett. I need a lot more paint, a visor and make the dent to finish it correctly.




My Brody nose fits in ths one, odd.



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Maybe try to dremel it a little bit, depending on how thin the mask is you may have to reinforce the inside behind the dent. Or try heating up the spot quite a bit with a heat gun, and pressing it in with a screwdriver handle.


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BobaN00b said:
Hmmmmm. The dent popped back up. How can i keep it a dent?
what did you do to dent it? heat it up and push it in? the vinyl helmets seem to return to whatever they consider their natural shape, whether you like that shape or not :-/