Rub and buff

Jango Wes

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PRIMER! Definately. Hit it with primer, then wetsand it with like 600-800 (I think that's the grit) grit wetsandpaper. Primer it again, then wetsand it again until it's baby-butt smooth(SEEKER's words!). The smoother the primer finish, the better results you will have, in my experience. I RNB-ed my gauntlets and helmet and Fett Girl did the same with her armor and helmet.


Jango Fett Jr

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I used some silver leaf on my resin gauntlet rocket, it looks awesome. Its so easy to use, and really makes it look like metal.

It's not finished in this photo, I've painted the tip and weathered it a bit more since then.


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I cannot seem to find Rub and Buff anywhere. I've checked several Walmarts, Pep Boys, Lowes, and Home Depots. Is there somewhere online I can order it?

Edit: Nevermind, I found another thread with a link for it online.