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I know some have said that you can use silver rubb n buff for the metal look....But has anyone tried the black rubb n buff for the weathering on a gauntlet or armor...dont know if this would work right or not...any ideas???
i did, if you want a plain dull look that would be fine. But if your doing gloss then, no not at all.
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I bought the rubys jango helmet and the paint job is...well, it blows. If I hit the metallic portions w/ rub and buff what would happen?
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It would probably disintegrate on you. :lol: Your better off repainting it.
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It would look better, but would it dry is the question. Ive put rubnbuff on my helmet and not had it dry for weeks.
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Maybe one day i will be convinced to do the whole armor in Rub & Buff. But for now i have just the knee's and shoe gauntlet. I wish that it would dry permanent.

<image src=>
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I was just wondering where I might be able to find Rub N' Buff. meaning, which stores you can find it in(like Wal-Mart)
and which section of the store to find it in(such as by the Paint).
forgive me if this has been posted before, but we haven't found it yet and would like to find it soon.
thanks. :)
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I got mine in Michael's Arts & Crafts store in the isle with all the glues & paints.
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I don't think we have a Michaels in our area. :(
and I don't know where the closest one to our area is.

is there anywhere else you can get it?

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Hobby Lobby perhaps? If you've got a good art supply store anywhere near you, they should have it as well. Otherwise, just look for it online.
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OK, now what parts did all of you put it on. I know i heard it was used on the rubies helmet, but did you also use it on the armor?

Could you find R&B at Ace Hardware? If not then we'll just have to look for some hobby shops.
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Techinically,'s a wax. But like I said, they have a RNB paint called bruxh n leaf. That will probably take a clear coat.
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Wax on sintra sounds messy I know we have talked drying time before but on sintra will this stuff every really dry as to not rub off with touch? And what about heat will that cause any adverse reactions to the wax?
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I must say, I picked up a bottle of the brush n leaf today, and it's really great!
It's a lot like testor's paint, but it has a very, VERY shiny silver look to it. Not quite chrome, but brighter than the RNB. The RNB has a much whiter look to it.
My plans are to cover the parts with the BNL, and then use the RNB, that way if anything happens to rub off slightly, it's got a coat of silver paint underneath!
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I've never had a problem clearcoating over RNB...
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