ROTJ WIP From Ireland

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Hi guys. I have been hovering around the forum for nearly year researching as best as I possibly could the ROTJ Hero version of Boba Fett. I finally got the final pieces I needed to start everything a few months back and thats when I started my build. I just thought you guys might like to see how it went and where it is now.

All of the colours I used were Humbrol Paints so I'll number the colours used as I go. I have to say before I start I was heavily influenced by Deathproof's Build and I found all the Rafalfett stencils incredibly helpful. For the jetpack I was really influenced by the work that Terminal Fettler did on his jetpack. There are a load of other guys on the forum who I picked up tit bits of information along the way, I just wouldnt be able to remember all the names.

My lid and armor was from Bobamaker. His turn around time for me was fantastic. He had everything ready for me within a month which is pretty good going. Anyway here we go.

His armor comes already primed which is great help to start of with so I started first with a cost of Humbrol 11 Silver Metallic on all the pieces. This was my first time using an airbrush on a scale this big. Because I live in Ireland you just cant get some of the colours mentioned throughout the forum when painting Boba Fett but luckily enough I did enough research to work out what Humbol colours to use which are very popular in Ireland the UK.

When the silver paint cured I began working using the Rafalfett stencils. I found it really difficult to get the stencils and wax paper to work well for me on the armor so I decided to go freehand and to do the best I could.
Armor 1.png
Armor 2.png
Armor 3.png
Armor 4.png

Rather then spraying the entire armor with Yellow 81, I just sprayed it in areas where I knew the yellow appears on the armor. I then used the maskol again over the yellow areas. This meant in some cases I was masking over masking fluid that was already used on the silver areas. Its a different approach to a load of builds and I wasnt too sure if this was going to work out or not. You'll have to forgive the mother in laws lacey table cloth

Armor 5.png

Armor 6.png

The photos are not the best in the next set of photos but I was pretty pleased with the result. I used Humbrol 78 which was as close as I could get to Tamiya XF 65 for the armor. When it cured I then began to peel off all layers of the maskol

Tackled the knees and shoulders next. The approach I used for the armor worked out pretty well so I used the same approach for the shoulders and the knees. The colours used here are Humbroll silver 11 as the base, then masked with maskol, then Humbrol yellow 103 for the next layer, then Humbrol 154 for the following layer all followed up with a light spray of Humbrol Orange 82. I'll dust it later it later with some black Humbol 33 later
Armor 7.png
Armor 8.png
Armor 9.png
Armor 10.png

Emerald Trooper

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I cant really take any credit for the gauntlets, I bought them from Hames13. The only thing I did here was soak the hoses in coffee for a week and I added a functioning LED on the left gauntlet. I added some key ring rings to the end of the hoses so the can clip into the sleeve of my Arkady flight suit
Gauntlet 1.png
Gauntlet 2.png
Gauntlet 3.png
Gauntlet 4.png

Emerald Trooper

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The jetpack was heavily influenced by the Terminal Fettler build. I primed the jetpack with a grey Halfords primer. After that I airbrushed the pack with Humbrol 11 Metallic Silver.



I masked everything up and used Maskol to cover the silver damage. I used Terminal Fettlers guide on this where it came to damage. After that I used Humbrol 109 for the blue areas


I added a little Humbrol 78 which is a grey colour as well to the pack. Forgot to take a picture of the grey areas but you will see it when the maskol and tape is off

Peeled off the masking tape and the maskol

JP 5.png

JP 6.png

JP 7.png

More masking tape and more maskol. This time on the yellow areas. I used Humbrol 154 for this part of the jetpack. When I peeled off the tape and maskol I used a little humbrol 62 which is a brown colour. I used this very lightly at the bottom of the pack
JP 8.png

JP 9.png

Masked up again and painted the parts near the tank white which was Humbrol 33 (forgot to take a photo). Once that was done, masked up again and painted the final colour which was red. I used Humbrol 73.

JP 10.png

Took all the tape off and this is what I got

JP 11.png

Time to sort out the rocket. Primed everything as usual. Painted the top part of the rocket Humbrol 11. Used maskol to highlight the damage. On the bottom half of the rocket I used Humbrol white 34. Again used the maskol to highlight the damage.

I could get my hands on a translucent red from Humbrol anywhere. Everywhere was out of stock. So I used a very thinned Humbrol 73 red for the tip of the rocket. Light at the top and darkened as I went down.

On the bottom part of the rocket I used Humbrol black 33. Heavy at the top and light at the bottom. I also used a light misting of brown 62
Rocket 1.png
Rocket 2.png

Almost finished. I added the greeblies to the bottom of the pack
JP 12.png

The only thing Im unsure of is the thrusters. Any opinions Should the round centres be black or red?

JP 13.png

Added to the greeblies at the top.

I still have some weathering to do but that the jetpack more or less finished