ROTJ Special Edition Promo

Greg, the chest LED isnt used on the SE fett. Though, it is cool to have :p, people and kids love the light up stuff. Though, it can save ya some $. Only need the red arcylic lens.
Thanks Chris. Yah I know the led wasn’t used but I have had it for a while. Going to put in for the kids and coolness of it.
So I thought I do a little update to keep the flow going. I have a ton of little things to do. But with the holidays it’s going slow. But that’s ok. Just got my helmet fans from henrysHelmetfans. Also need to weather the hollow stalk from MachineCraftReplicas. Also install the range finder lights from Jc27. Also still working on the gauntlet switch.


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Catching up on some little things. Got the new lamp in and wired. Epoxied the round hole and made a slot for the slider switch. Still need to make a switch thing cover extender. I’m happy the way it turned out.

Also I ordered my flight suit today from Carole. So I have plenty of time to get the other things done. 4 months estimated for the flight suit.
Finally back at it. Dyed my Mohair girth belt. I used MinWax Red mix Sedona red. This is soaked onceonce. Squeezed out the excess and blotted with rags. I will see when it dries if I need to do it again. I lost a picture when it has dried.
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