ROTJ Special Edition Promo


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My 3D model has a 17-18mm diameter and judging by the size of your finger, yours might be close in value.
I’m calling these gauntlets 98% done. Just need to install the accurate led light when it comes in. And craft a accurate switch post out of plastic to hide the led lamp switch. The led is wired as will.


Very nice! What comes next?
What I have on hand to work on is Girth belt dye, chest led, toe spikes, shin tools, weathering hoses, range finder led light wiring. Also have collar studs coming this week from MachineCraft. I can install them on the collar piece and cod with the Velcro belt.
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Greg, the chest LED isnt used on the SE fett. Though, it is cool to have :p, people and kids love the light up stuff. Though, it can save ya some $. Only need the red arcylic lens.