ROTJ Screen accurate Jet Pack harness


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ROTJ Screen accurate Jetpack harness

Can someone please post or send me a pic of the screen accurate jet pack harness if there is one available. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I thought that the waist or belly belt is a black strap with a divers clasp. But what goes over the shoulders? I don't remember where I saw it but I thought they were army green military back pack straps. Some one please help. I just got a new jet pack and I'm looking to make the harness as functional and screen accurate as I can. I know that you guys are the experts on this!
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Also talk to StoneRook, he made a 3D image file of the bracket\harness.
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give me about 15 mins, i have one some place.

It was a old scott pack, from what I remember.
right there upper right hand. Only pic I could find.

1st Preproduction Costume Layout.jpg
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It was never conclusively found to be a Scott pack.

I know,from what pics ive seen it looks almost a like. Maybe if we can get some better pics I can show them around at work. Between the department I work at and and the vol. department I work at id think someone might have an idea if it is or not. Heck half of the vol. department is in there 60-70 and they have always used Scott.

Sorry for jacking your thread.
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Hey, Thanks guys this was the kind of stuff I was looking for!
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