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Here's my MS3 #13 ROTJ Bucket, I finished this a while ago but had lent my camera out. So unfortunately no progress pics.......
I used the masking method to paint it up layer by layer and used toothpaste to mask off the battle damaged areas.
The paints used were all Tamiya Colour spay cans.
Dome + Cheeks - Olive Green (USAF) - AS-14
Upper Cheeks - Dark Green - TS-2
Back - Racing Green TS-43
Mandibles - Dull Red - TS-33
Silver Undercoat - Silver Leaf - TS-30
The only other spay can colour used was an Australian brand green which i used to lighten up the dome and cheeks a little - White Knight Touch up paint - Rivergum.
All the weathering was done with washes, dry brushing and sponge stippling using acrylic paints.. I don't use an airbrush for weathering as i think it looks a little to uniformed and misted on.
The whole thing was finished with Model Master Lusterless (flat) Lacquer overcoat.
It also has a Hyperdyne labs remote RF servo installed, and a BobaMaker ROTJ deluxe RF + hollow RF stalk. (Both highly recommend)

Feedback, comments and questions welcome
Thanks for the kind words guys. The bow in the visor / mandibles is exagerated in the photo's... There was only a very slight wave in the mandbles on the sculpt. Also the red is a fair bit brighter in the pics but could use a bit of darkening /dulling down
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