RoTJ "Inspired" Helmet build/paint up


Jr Hunter
Hello everyone!

So first off, I snatched up a large bulk lot of items off of ebay from a member on the forum due to the sheer amount of cool stuff in the lot.

Included was a full vacuformed set of RoTJ armor and a resin helmet.

The original owner was unsure of the maker of either the armor or the helmet so I don't know who to credit, I will say it appears to be a clean and quality cast so if anyone knows the helmet maker, please feel free to advise me so I can credit them and thank them!

So first off, im still learning. Please excuse any flaws and even though I am somewhat skilled( I say that humbly due to the sheer amount of insane talent on these boards!) I still have a long way to go.

So my work on the old Hasbro helmet gave me the feel for working with liquid masking, still figuring out the finer details.

I started by cleaning up the helmet and basing it with Duplicolor silver over the primer. This will be the base metal color throughout the helmet.

I freehanded all of the damage( as well as making tons of mistakes, hence the "inspired ") using RafelFett's amazing stencils!

I am working my way up to doing a RoTJ SE helmet, so basically the most insane ESB helmet. So this is another step towards that.

So after laying the first layer of liquid mask I used Tamiya Dark LJN green for the back panels, and also used thier Gray Green and some airbrushed black to get the fading.

The main color of the dome and cheeks is Tamiya Field Gray. All rattlecan colors


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Jr Hunter
Also, I used the Tamiya Gray Green for the lighter color on the cheeks. The under cheeks were painted with a Rustoleum dark navy blue misted with Rustoleum flat black while it was still wet. I used Rustoleum chalky finish Anvil gray which is a nice dark blue gray for the grayish weathering on the darker under cheeks.

Once again, because I freehanded the damage just looking at the templates on my phone and coupled with my lack of experience and learning curve of liquid mask, its not accurate at all lol.

I'm ok with that though, ad you will see, towards the end it looks alright and I'm happy with it.


Well-Known Hunter
The base of the helmet looks to be scratch built from templates or sculpted in clay and it is not a successful one. Good luck with your build!


Jr Hunter
So I started to lay the red down on the mandible trim, I used Rustoleum Carteret spray misted with Rustoleum rusty brown primer.


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Jr Hunter
The base of the helmet looks to be scratch built from templates or sculpted in clay and it is not a successful one. Good luck with your build!
Yeah I have no idea, I spent days searching the forum for this helmet. It was resin cast and it does the job. Its mainly a test bed subject for me to work my way up to my SE helmet.

Oh and man, you are amazing! Your templates are gold bro! You have given so much to this community so thank you. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you man. Your guidance and templates have been a godsend and having a wife who is a graphic designer, I understand roughly how much work went into them, which is insane! Everyone should be very thankful for your hard work.


Jr Hunter
So here is where I started to lay down the kill stripes and do some airbrush shading. The ears are based in Duplicolor Silver and then I sprayed Vallejo leather brown and black over them to "tint" them. I thinned the Vallejo pint heavily and just did a couple of layers. Ill punch up the highlights with brush and sponge work.

I hand painted several details, enhanced some of the damage and free handed the dark gray on the dome.

Once again "not accurate!" At a certain point when I realized that the only way to attain the level that I want is by printing out the stencils and carbon transferring them, I settled on being happy with a rough example of a RoTJ helmet.


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Jr Hunter
You are welcome! As a test base, the helmet will do its job (with all the inaccuracies it have).
Absolutely man, I am good with using it as a stepping stone, it will look cool on the shelf and is a brick in the wall of my way to achieving a desired look and outcome. Thank you again for your time and please feel free to advise of any tips of constructive criticism ( besides the obvious things I have pointed out with it not being accurate lol).

Next helmet I will print your templates out once I have sized them and do the transfer paper thing, I feel that will get me like 90% there.


Jr Hunter
Alrighty, so some of you may see that I don't like to post anything until I have the project about 80 to 90% done. Just my attempt at not creating more unfinished threads and cluttering up the forum with cool but unsatisfying threads.

Here are some pics under different lighting in the house.

The next round of updates will be the final stages of brushwork, ears, visor install( just using a welding shield cut to fit), and range finder.


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Jr Hunter
Did some work on the ears, after an unfourtanate incident with my over excited 100lbs plot hound, the helmet was knocked from a pearch about 2 feet off the ground by his immensely powerful tail and rear end. . . .
This resulted in a broken range finder and cracked mandible.

I'm actually pretty lucky, my beloved dog doesn't mess with anything, doesn't chew shoes or take my props outside and bury them, but he gets excited when dad comes home from a long shift and goes into hyper mode.. . . Ugh, well you live and learn.

So I have a temp range finder and have begun fitting the visor. Still need to tweak the visor but I think I might be just about done.

As Rafalfett pointed out, this helmet isn't terribly accurate in form, let alone paint work so I think it has served its purpose.

I'll probably add some "desert dust" to the recessed areas and call it a day.

Next up will be a Fett Pride II helmet that I procured from another member who was thinning out thier collection and ill give that one a proper go.

This will all be building up to me buying a Machincraft Replicas ESB to turn into the RoTJ SE helmet. So the Fett Pride will be me testing and giving the ESB paint scheme a shot. Oh boy, this is getting real!


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Well-Known Hunter
Given the fact that the helmet is what it is and you eyeballed the paint scratches, you did an really good job. Can't wait to see your next project(s)!


Jr Hunter
Given the fact that the helmet is what it is and you eyeballed the paint scratches, you did an really good job. Can't wait to see your next project(s)!
Thanks man! That means a ton coming from you especially, I'm happy with how it came out and it looks good sitting next to my black series ESB.
Now on to printing your templates and doing Pre Pro 2 helmet before I tackle the ESB (ROTJ SE). My main Fett suits will be a holiday, Pre Pro2, and RoTJ SE. I figured the Pre Pro 2 is a great step up before tackling the insanity of the ESB.


New Hunter
I'm definitely no expert on all the form details, but this paint up looks fantastic to me! Great attention to detail. Will also be keeping an eye on your other projects!


Looking good so far man!
I did the same thing on my Hasbro ESB Fett.
01.jpg 20200817_114132.jpg 20200817_113846.jpg 20200817_114001.jpg
If any of my trials and tribulations helps, here's my two threads on the project!


Jr Hunter
Looking good so far man!
I did the same thing on my Hasbro ESB Fett.
View attachment 208214 View attachment 208215 View attachment 208216 View attachment 208217
If any of my trials and tribulations helps, here's my two threads on the project!
Thanks man I will definitely check them out! Yes these helmets are a huge learning curve. I have the advantage of having been a model maker and prop builder for just about 20+ years but the level of minut accuracy achieved on the very best paint jobs is insane. I usually settle for "pretty close but man, I want to paint bucket that everyone goes "dang bro you nailed it perfectly!".

I'm super amazed at how supportive this community is, having been a forum member of many, many prop and collectible forums, this is by far the best and most friendly and helpful one out there. So I just want to contribute in a positive and helpful way