ROTJ MLC1 & MLC2 Paint jobs Slave1pilot's work


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Hi guys I wanted to get this up here for you guys to check out!!

This is the original MLC1 painted by Slave1pilot next to a MLC2 also painted by Slave1pilot. He did a fantastic job, no topical all layers and I really wanted to share this with you guys, Nate deserves his due.(y)
Nate also said he's open to painting packs if anyone needs one painted.$250.00 plus shipping.
This is the same pack as seen in Cruzers thread somewhere I can't find now....:confused Funny how things disappear???

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I'd love to say I hope mine comes out half as well when I do it, but I'd be so lucky!!! These are superb looking packs...:jet pack :love
Christi your money was certainly well spent; Nathan is exceptionally talented and simply a great guy to deal with, these photos speak volumes of his handy work.:eek::eek::eek:

Anyone thinking about getting there pack painted should definitely look up Nathan, you won’t be disappointed.8)
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Hi Christi,
While I do make & see those JPs on a daily basis, I dont think I ever had the chance to view both my MLC1 & MLC2 JPs side by side in person or in pics- much less painted professionally in that manner.

This is certainly a treat for me personally and I thank you for sharing these on the board!

Mardon (MLC)
Those look so good! :eek: Nice job Nathan and Christi you are very fortunate to have those, seeing them makes me realize I'll do a ROTJ sometime.
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Whoops!:lol: I guess I should have noted that neither of these are mine.
Sorry to confuse. :p this was more of a show and tell.
My MLC is an ESB (theres a tread here somewhere)currently going to be used by Gonzo Fett at Comic Con, But..these are both painted by Nate yes.
But the MLC 1 is his and the MLC 2 was someone elses he painted. I just figured it was great to have the comparison of the 2 side by side as well.
And Nate did such a great job on both and has improved his skills from one to the other indeed.
I am glad you approve Mardon, your packs look great old and new. I love mine!!!
Wow those JP's are things of beauty. its the thought of having a JP looking that which has made me lean towards to SE look.

those really do look good.
Wow, Slave1pilot does do amazing work!:love and yeah, the jp paint job alone would make me want to do a SE Boba if I ever got the chance.(y)

I need to get my V2 to him so that he can paint it Jango style, with SEEKER's recommended paint list to boot. I already know it's going to look awesome!

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