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Good morning all,

I have a quick question about rotary tools. In was instantly painfully obvious that my cordless Dremel tool is WAY underpowered for cutting through hticker plastic. I need to upgrade. Can you guys recommend a relatively cheap, corded replacement? Should I stick with a Dremel branded tool???

Any advice will be appreciated,

The new version of the dremel (XPR?) comes in a pack with several attachments for like $99. I want one of those myself. I have a dremel already but would like to have a couple.
I use a Coltech rotary tool.. 15k to 35k revolutions / min...

But a normal dremel should be able to ut thick plastic. try a new (and sharper blade) and give it more time to cut.
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There is a rotary tool at Wall-Mart that sells for about $15. I think it's "handi-Tools" or something like that. It's variable speed and corded. I have two Dremmels, as well as one of these. The Wall-Mart cheapie works just as well for me as the Dremmels. I believe Menards caries them also, and at about the same price.
Do you have the cordless Dremel? Man I got a multispeed Dremel and it cuts anything I want it too.

Instead of replaceing the Dremal, might want to invest in a small bandsaw. You can get a Delta for about $100. It cuts Aluminum, wood, plastic and a lot of other stuff without having to switch blades. Won't cut steel or glass but doe a good job on the aforementioned. And really, they don't take up much room. They are about two feet tall and tuck away quite easily. They aren't as loud as a Dremel either. Go into a Lowes and at least look at one. Having a bandsaw opens up a world of possibilities.8)

If you got that cordless Dremel, you got a bad onion my friend. Oh one other thing, try different cutting discs. If you are using those red discs throw those things away and get some fiberglass ones or some of the diamond wheels. Those diamond wheels are the bomb.(y)
I agree, the first time one of the red cutting discs broke off and nailed me in the forehead, I was sure glad I was wearing goggles.
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