Rocket question ?

There's been speculation for years on this part.

The front has been discussed as being a plumb bob,but no exact model has been ID'd

The middle has been discussed as being a clutch alignment tool,but no exact model has been ID'd

So really we don't know a whole he!! of alot about this part :lol:
Happy hunting :cheers

FettTheHunter said:
Thanks :) .... what on earth is a plumb bob ??? :confused :lol:

A plumb bob is a contractors tool that is basically just a pointed weight hanging from a string up high that is dangling close to the ground so that when the contractor is building something like a wall or anything that needs to be straight up it gives the contractor a guide in building it to get it perfactly vertical.
You can get Plumb bobs at most hardware stores.

Here is a pic for anyone who wants to see one:
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