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Allrighty... Now that I have done several ESBs for folks here and my self... I think its time to try something new. I am currently working on finishing up my ROTJ costume and wanted to attempt the best possible ROTJ bucket I could. Of course just doing mine would be to simple right :lol: well I took on good ol' Ripcodes as well.

Heres the stats!

Good condition MS1 bucket with MS3 Coldcast earcap kit, BKBT metal stalk, and MS Keyhole replacement kit. One would think I had my work cut out for me! :lol: :lol: :lol:

What I hope to accomplish with his bucket:
1. Thining the thickness of where the visor meets the mandables to be more screen accurate.
2. Add an actual Molar Connector (Ripcode did this before he sent his bucket to me)
3. Fix all divits, pin holes, and chips with bondo
4. Fix the angle at the botom of both sides of the ears to be screen accurate
5. Remove the keyholes that came on the bucket and add the MS Keyholes with MQ-1 circut board in it
6. Add all accurate scrapes and goudges in the helmet as seen in the MOM exibit.
7. Fill all the crevises and holes at the bottom edge of the helmet
8. Fix the triangles on the forhead to be strait and correct.
9. Adapt the right side for the Cold cast MS Kit and add the slightly raised area that is seen on the screen used helmet (like the MS2 has)
10. Use magnet system in the Earcap for easy transportation of helmet in case

Okay... now here are my pics of where I am at so far.

THe pics showing the helmet unprimed show it as it came to me.
I then show a slightly primed bucket (I prime my buckets to highlight pinholes and inperfections to fix with bodo) and lastly the "Where I am at" pics off a primed and wetsanded bucket. I still have a few tweeks minus the ear caps and a few gouges before I can start to paint. I will disclose my custom mix and strait form bottle color list as I choose it. :)



full right side scratch.jpg

front scratch.jpg



right scratch.jpg

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Good luck! That's exacly how I started out, and I worked my butt of to get it where it is now. But all the prep work is definitely worth it, makes for a much more accurate 'canvas' for your paintjob :)


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Buckeye_01 said:

Does this mean your % complete will be raised soon? :lol:

Man I sure hope so!! :lol:

That percentage hasn't moved in a while! :facepalm

Gator Fett said:
Ripcode ... you dog. ;) Getting a ringer to paint your helmet? Where's the fun in that? :lol:

J/K ... nice start to you bucket.

I have no time! I'm not as patient as Jango's Kid! I want to have a great wearable Fett in less than 5 years! ;)


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I should be done with my prep work this weekend as far as the last of the scratches and any other little thing... including straiting the forhead triangles. That should put me on track to do a paint mix test for my color base next week and then on my 5 days off around july 4th, mask like I have never masked before LOL

I finished printing my high quality pics of the helmet at work yesterday so I can work away from the computer when I have to.

One thing I am trying to figure out, and anyone out there that has seen this helmet in person... please chime in!!! Are the cheek corners curved or strait edged? I attached pics of what area I am speaking of. I feel they are curved like on the MS1 but maybe not as curved as they are on the ms1. Theres alot of weathering and scratches on these parts whitch makes it hard to tell. In some angles it looks straiter then others. :confused

My personal call is its curved but I wanted the opinion of the board on this! :)

I am also half way done building your scratch RF topper! I should have my acrylic blocks for the bottom in my hands a week from now.

Look for more pics on sunday night.



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evan4218 said:

Are the cheek corners curved or strait edged? I attached pics of what area I am speaking of. I feel they are curved like on the MS1 but maybe not as curved as they are on the ms1. Theres alot of weathering and scratches on these parts whitch makes it hard to tell. In some angles it looks straiter then others. :confused

I think they staighter when looking at my hundreds of ref pics, but half the time there is to much weathering and stuff to have a 100% view.

my sculpt is straighter.


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You won't be disappointed Ripcode :) Justin is a master (y) I still haven't got over of what an awesome job he did on my bucket!!!!!


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Here are some updated pics as promiced.... (Sorry Ripcode, I know I told you I would call when I posted these, but its an hour later where you are!) :lol:

Sadly with the primer, you cant really see the scratches and gouges that well. But when I put the silver down it will be easy to see. :) I made them as deep as I felt the real ones were. I have to admit, they add alot! Sadly few do this to there bucket... it can cause a paiting nightmare as far as making sure you put them in the right places. Plus who wants to cut up the surface of your new helmet!

I showed the finished keyhole, before it was in but required a tad bit of bondo.

I also have a pic showing hte raised right ear section. This was added to the MS2 sculpt but not on the MS1. I simply trimed out a for sale sign I bought at walmart and glued it on. I will need to do a tad bit of bondo to it before the chroming but I think it looks good.

I also fixed the forhead triangles. These were a bit catty-whompus so Rip had me redo them. I dont recomend ANYONE do this mod... its a pain! :lol:

I used a scaled pic of the forhead from the screen used to do these. I simply filled, drew, carved, bondoed. Takes a while to do and if you dont get it right the first time... well... you know what happens. :)

Well, that just about concludes the prep work. Once Rip gives the go ahead I will begin laying down my chrome and clear coat sealent before applying my masks.

I will also be posting my color test. I found the dome/cheek color. Soviet Green (F505358) Polly Scale.

This is so dead on in my opinion that there is no need to lighten or darken. Once you apply your washes its there!!!!

For the mandalbles I am using a mix of Insignia Red (Model Master Acryl) with Boxcar and then applying some airbrused highlights.

The back I have tryed a few things and have yet to be happy witha anything. I will be making another run to the artstore this week. I will post my paint tests next week.






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It's coming along great!

Based on the time you posted this... I'm glad you didn't call! :lol:

The MS scratchbuilt keyholes sure look good in that helmet. (y)

Nice to see those triangles aligned with each other!

Looking forward to seeing the chrome and then the color layed on this helmet!! :love

Yes, the squared up cheeks look spot on now! (y)


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Could you add a little bondo to the top of the keyhole? See the attached pic for what I mean. :)

See how there is an angle, while on my helmet it is straight?