Right Gauntlet leans towards the hevy side


Right Guantlet leans towards the hevy side, with all the the hose connectors and everything. How can I change this and make it so this does not happen. Can I attach it to the sleeve or make them so that they are very tight to my arm. I would love to hear your opinions. If I tighten them what can I put in them to fill the void?
Are your having this problem with the hoses attached? My hoses actually keeps mine from rotating. I also glued some foam strips inside to fill the void.
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Try glueing some blocks of sponge inside, this allows the gauntlet to grip your arm, works great for me!
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I put velcro in the wrist area of the gauntlets, and around the opening of the gloves. When the gauntlets are clamped shut, it keeps the gloves tucked into the gauntlets, and keeps the gauntlets aligned with your hand.
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It may sound crazy but try a neoprene athletic knee brace (not the kind with the straps) The brace is Velcro friendly and should open and close with Velcro tabs at top and bottom. If you cut it in two there might be enough for both wrists depending on the size of your gauntlets. Wrap the brace around your wrist over top of your sleeve. Put some male Velcro on the inside of your problem gauntlet. The Velcro will stick to the brace and the brace will not roll around thus preventing that nasty "gauntlet sag". Be warned the brace can be a little warm but not uncomfortably so.
One brace will set you back about $14.00. I got mine at Walgreen's. Let me know how this works for anyone who might give it a try. Here is a link to an image of the style of brace I bought (the brand is different but the wrap-around adjustable Velcro is the thing you want) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000AS374/qid=1092953638/sr=1-13/ref=sr_1_13_hpc/103-7861013-3293439?v=glance&s=hpc&n=3760931

BFett88 wrote:

I have not tried to put them on with the hoses attached. Will that help?
With the hoses in place and the hoses up the short sleeve the gauntlets will stay in place, no need for velcro.

The left gauntlet...... Thats a different story.
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With my old jango gauntlets, I had taken some foam weatherstrip from walmart, and it had sticky stuff on one side, i doubled them up, and put 2 pieces on the top and 2 on the bottom, and when i put them on, they stayed on there really snug and also kept the sleeve and glove in place as well.

Here is an example style pic of what it was like:


| |
| |

Thats the way i set them in each gauntlet, bout 3 inches apart.
I had this problem with both of my guantlets. I took a cheap plastic faced watch with a velcro band and epoxied it to the top of the inside of the guantlet. I strap this to my wrist first before closing the clamshell. I can now wave my arms wildly and the guants stay perfectly still.

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