Right Ear problem


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Well today I finished Priming and painting on the base coat of silver to my Rubies bucket. I also painted my Right ear piece color and the top of the RF. Well I wanted to see how my Sun yellow matched up to the silver on my helmet, when I noticed that it didn't fit back into the ear slot. Do you guys have any suggestions? Should I sand down the little inserts on the inside of the cover so it will fit in the hole? I really need help with this before I continue with work on my helmet. All help is really appreciated

I don't know if the Rubies helmets are made in the same way as the DP versions, but I suggest to remove the paint from the areas where the earpiece connects to the helmet somehow, either sanding them or use a hobby knife. Do not paint the inside of the earpiece, unless is an area that could be seen from the outside, cause that will cause the piece to have trouble to adhere to the surface of the helmet when putting it together.

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