Reshaping Fiberglass


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I am working on my new gauntlets and the top and botton are not lining up the way I would like. If I take a heat gun can I heat them enough to reshape them without hurting them?

Some people have used heat guns with good results. I have used the Hot tap water to shape them and imediately submersed them in ice cold water to hold the shape.

I had one that didn't want to keep it's shape and ended up doing the hot/cold water thing again with the part secured to a small coffee can with rubber bands for a week.
Bend slowly and carefully. Fiberglass can be quite flexible but the gel coat usually isn't quite as forgiving. Stress cracks can result from over flexing.

Hope that helps. :)
Well it worked. The top and bottom of my gauntlets now match. It did not take much heat and the gel coat did not crack.
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