Poor man's fiberglass?


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I'm making another attempt, this time at the start of summer. Hopefully it'll go better than the last two. Anyhow, I am making my helmet out of cardstock-paper-stuff and cardboard. I am planning to cover it with paper mache, since I'm not so sure I have the funds for bondo.


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Bondo will literally cost you $10-$20. Use illustration board instead of cardboard, it works much better
Bondo takes some practice to master, and initially, you're going to think it is perfect for all applications. Some more practice and you'll see that it's great for filling in cracks, and that's it. It's a filler. If you try to make a whole piece covered in bondo, it's gonna crack when you move it and it's gonna take longer to sand it smooth.

I like to get Sintra at Artist and Craftsman (it's cheaper in store than on their website) and use the biggest parts of a pepakura model as a template. Then I try to fill in with Bondo and almost carve out the smaller details with a sanding drum on the Dremel. It's not good for perfect replicas, but it's a good start for a base to build on (for example, a simple helmet that can become more detailed or my first X-Wing Pilot Chestbox).


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Eh, maybe. I do have the money then. I could probably find it easy. But is that just the bondo? What about the other products? And what Is illustration board? does it bend? because I am using cardboard for a bendy part.

following this method: http://mercs.firespray.net/forum/index.php?topic=34853.0

Thanks, m19

Illustration board is similar to postre board. However it has a harder, more durable surface on which to work with.