Request to the custom community.


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We are going to begin the great undertaking of creating a library of tutorials for anyone who is interested in build a custom set of Mandalorian armor. The plan is to link to tutorials within the TDH, HV&M, and Mercs forums to create a categorized list that that anyone can access on the Mercs site so that people don't have to search different forums for info.

I don't know about you, but I don't like to go to the library to find out another library has the book I want =)

Now, what this means from the custom community is that we need your help to accomplish this great task. We need you to remember the tutorials that helped you out, and send us the link. You can post it here, pm me the link, or email me at with the link.

We would definately appreciate your help!


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To quote one the the greatest commercials of all time


Isn't the great thing about the internet the ability to use a search engine and find all the wonderful sites that are out there. I mean whats the point of TDH or any other costum or costume site, if they are all going to referenced together in on big library. I am not a MOD or anything but if I had a vote, I would vite "NO" to this undertaking. Of course this is just my opinion.



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Were not talking about referencing all the sites out there, were talking about referencing tutorials that are on these sites.

There's nothing stopping anyone from going to the search function on any of these sites forums, typing in a key word and looking for it that way. All this project is trying to do is reference the tutorials instead of having to filter through pages of stuff that just popped up because of a keyword.

It's not detracting anything from anyone else's hard work on the internet, if anything it's helping them get people to the right posts.


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Yes actually. We have put together a nice little library on the Mercs site and continue to add to it and reference tutorials and templates all over the net. We've gotten almost 2k hits on it over the last 3 months, and have everything from picture to video tutorials as well as the male and female versions of the MandoMaker armor planner.

Mandalorian Mercs Tutorial/Template Library.
Very nice!!!

This is an awesome idea. Thanks Novall!
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