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For months, I'd been tinkering around with the idea of having a removeable right earpiece, with the benefit of being able to store the helmet and RF stalk separately. Velcro was an option, but I wanted something that looked a little sturdier. By the way, I'm working with a Mystery Helmet...

As I put away a 6-outlet power strip last night after a gig, I noticed the small holes on the bottom, put there in order to mount the strip onto screws.

Later, a la Doc Brown, I fell off the toilet and hit my head; when I came to, I came up with this:


Has anyone tried this? Obviously, I'd have to use small machine screws, and I'll have to be real careful not to crack the resin.

I'll update on the progress, but I'm going to try for this idea unless someone can shoot it down...
Looks good but I don't think the resin will stand up to it. You could sand the earpiece on the helmet side down 1/16" drill the holes for the screws, & then glue a piece of styrene over with the slits in it. The styrene will be able to take the stress placed on ity without breaking once everything is set up right.
You could tap/thread the hole at the bottom of the range finder or glue a nut inside the hole and bolt it on from the inside. This may not help with removing the ear, but would make the stalk removable.

Or for the ear peace you could dremmil out some small holes and glue in some of those tiny realy strong super magnets?
Yeah, the magnets were my other thought. But I know magnets and motors don't get along too well, and if I decide to install a servo for this one, I don't want the magnets interfering with the system.

Maybe the magnets are small enough as to not produce said interference? Hmmmm...
hmmm i make a plaster cover and i can remove
darn i need take more pics
i will try to post pics today :D

ok her ya go some blurry pics sorry :D
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
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