Real RC car RF servo movment system.

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I'm on a budget and we can't really afford to put in a lot of money for a "top end" Boba Fett RF servo movement system into my helmet when it comes. I don't like the mini RC car solution as it seems like a lot of needless work when there are better solutions out there.

That being said I'm into RC cars and trucks big time and I thought why can't this be done with a real a RC car radio system?

I'm going a different route and I'm surprised no has thought of it. I'm going to use this same radio that I use for my all of my RC cars. Tower Hobbies 224 2-Channel System

Field strip radio of electronics and install said electronics in gauntlet or blaster and figure out how to have a on off switch mounted to the steering switch on the radio circuit. I see no reason why this won't work. The only mod needed is to how you make an up down switch for the steering circuit.

I guess you could add a knob in place of the steering wheel and incorporate that some how into the gauntlet someplace. I just gotta charge up a spare receiver battery pack and see if the servo will power off of it, if it does, I'm golden. $44 for my RC gear not including a $24 servo.


video, I can't figure out how to post it, so here is the link.

All your doing is powering the RC receiver with a battery pack and the transmitter is used as normal. If you figure out what to do with the function switch, it should work fine. That is the only mod I for see.

The best of all it would work with any RC radio and transmitter, I've got some laying around, so this is easy.
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  • Lynn, pasted below is what I plan on using. The buttons are momentary contact. So, you can use one channel for the down of the RF and the other for the up position. I know we're not supposed to post links to ebay, so here's the description and pic of what it looks like below. This should be an easy modification to connect to the contacts in the remote and hard wire to switches into the gauntlet. You will need a battery pack for your relays on the board and the stalk actuator.

    Details about 12V 10A 2 Channel Remote Control Switch Relay Wireless Transmitter+Receiver
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