Re-Shaping a Don Post Helmet


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Hello all,

I have an old Don Post Boba Helmet ('95 or '96), that has been in storage for years, and actually got a little squished. I was wondering what options I should be looking at for returning it to it's original shape. Eventually, I want to customize and add a real T-visor to it, but I need to fix the shape, first.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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Heat gun, very lightly start shaping back. You can also get a craft ring from any fabric shop and just cut it in half and glue along the bottom edge of the bucket, this will also help keep the bucket shape, its what I did with my first bucket.


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Here's what I did to reshape my '95 DP. I cut a small stick of wood and put it on the inside of the helmet from left to right so it would hold the shape that I want it. Then I fiberglass the interior. After the resin cured I carefully remove the piece of wood and the helmet held the new shape nicely. Hope this helps.


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Similar situation here. DP95 that I'm looking to mod/convert as practice. But the "ears" on mine have always had a concave appearance. This can be improved with heat, but there's still a slight curvature. All the reshaping effects the shape as a whole, and I want to salvage this piece to at least look presentable.

People suggest the fiberglass curing process will generate too much heat and warp the vinyl before everything hardens into a distorted mess.

Can I avoid this with different fiberglass products or processes?