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What about the ESB suit? Is it as blue as it looks in the picturs I have seen?
Since I seriously doubt ANYONE here has seen the ESB suit in person that is gonna be a hard one to call. You are just going to have to get as many refs of the ESB suit as possible and pick a happy middle...
I've been working on my ESB Fett for almost two years straight now,and went with Katarra's ESB blue jumpsuit.With the proper black misted spray paint it will look perfect,....IMHO ;)

ROTJ,...that's a different story,as I fully support the warm,light gray.

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

The jumpsuit is a VERY light WARM grey. There is NO blue in it. It is almost a light khaki color. The vest is also a WARM grey. Again, NO BLUE! Most people would probably be VERY suprised at just how light in color the suit is. The only thing that makes it dark is the misting of black paint all over it which is heaviest around the lower legs, and pouches....

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Originally posted by SSJFett:

There's really a misting of black on it?

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