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I was thinking that since I need to start somewhere, that I can possibly start on the Range Finder until I can get the helm. Is there any template I can possibly get hold of? or just the basic measurements for the Jango stalk? Anything right now is okay. I figure I can go to the local hardware store, and try and cut it from alluminum. Any oppinions? Warnings? Or suggestions? Thanks

Opinions? Pizza is nature's perfect food.
Warnings? Don't breathe underwater.
Suggestions? Be nice to children and small animals.

. . . Oh!. . . you meant about the RF???? Oops. ;)
Well, if you don't have much experience cutting aluminum, I'd recommend asking people who do. I've cut thin aluminum for various projects, but nothing as thick as for a range finder stalk. I'd think you'd need power tools for that. So make sure you consider safety!
I'm sure someone with more metal working experience will chime in.
The stalks are about 1/4" thick. I cut mine using a plasma cutter. You'll have a lot of trouble trying to cut it with anything else. The problem with the plasma cutter is just trying to find access to one. I'm pretty sure a hardware store won't have it. You could try a local metal shop. If they don't let you use it then some high schools might actually have them.
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