RafalFett's Boba Fett Helmet Template Project


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Why I named the thread this way?

Because it involves many improvements to the Boba Fett helmet, which are:
1 - Some modifications to Alan's helmet templates at the ear base and at the back red rim.
2 - Creating of a new sets of helmet paint and scratches that fits perfectly on Alan's templates (the new paint and scratches scheme was not an intention to compete with Rich D.'s creation, which is a brilliant one... I wanted to made my own set of paint and scratches).
3 - With this new templates you can make your own Boba Fett helmet without using any type of paint.

Updated the improvements list!

4 - A new set of templates made from reference images from the TDH Gallery.
5 - The paint and scratches theme will be adjusted to this templates.

The modifications to Alan's templates has occured when I was doing the paint and scratches scheme using reference photos from the gallery, where I observed that the back red rim scratches and the ear base did'n fit the template areas. The red lines are the modifications I made to this template.

View attachment 64869 View attachment 64868

The paint and scratches were made directly on Jasc Paint Shop Pro, an easy to use photo editor. The method I used is this:

After selecting the image to use
View attachment 64870

I open it in the photo editor
View attachment 64871

I also open the needed template, then I resize the image to fit the template's dimension
View attachment 64872

Then using the right colour, I draw the paint and scratches outline
View attachment 64873

Then using the Magic Wand I select the desired range of colours from the outlined area
View attachment 64874

After the area is selected, I use the Flood Fill to fill the area with the specified colour...
View attachment 64876

And here is the original and the new paint scheme
View attachment 64875

So here are some samples of the templates that will be available next year.

View attachment 48975 View attachment 48974 View attachment 48976

The dome scratches are not the final ones and will be tweaked to match the dome red ring's scratches.

I hope I made you interested on this and I'm waiting to see any kind of comments.

I wish to all Fett fanatics a Merry Christmas!

Where is the download link for the templates