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There are sooo many great Gauntlets to choose from (Economy to Deluxe)that just picking one wouldn't be right, but ask yourself this? How much am I willing to spend? How long am I willing to wait? How much will shiping cost. Do I want them Painted, assembled, or a kit? if you stay in this forum and do some researching you'll find the ones just right for you. C
Howdy Wolf, I received my gauntlets from Ruff last week. for the price they are great. they need a little clean up but if you have some modeling knack they are simple to put together. Also he is an AWSOME guy to deal with! Had mine 90% done and like an idiot left them too close to a heat source and melted like butter! :eek: :cry :cry Doh!!! Next time I'll just be patient and let things "air" dry!:eek:
Hope it helps:cheers
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Dha Syntir

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Yeah I just got my Ruffkin gauntlets last week and I'm satisfied with them. I'm having a little trouble putting them together as I've never done so before, but it's not brain surgery. So I'm sure I'll get the main body put together as all the resin pieces are painted already-when it comes together is anyones guess...:lol: