Question for the Airbrush Know-it-Alls


Ok, I've got a few years experience with an airbrush, but the problem I'm having with my new kit has me baffled.

I've got a dual action Paasche, and a Testors 35 Psi compressor. The problem is this:

When in use, the paint will get sucked about 1/2 way up the hose/straw/whatever, but will stop before it makes it into the airbrush. Theres definately pressure, but it looks like it's just not enough.

I don't think that the problem is paint consistancy, because this problem occurs even when I attempt to spray water with the airbrush.

I have secured all hose connections with teflon tape and tripple checked for leaks.

would a compressor with a higher PSI rating fix this, or does the problem likely lie elsewhere?

do you still have the old airbrush? If so hook it up to the new commpressor and test it. Could be a faulty seal, take the head of the airbrush off and see if air blows threw it. 35psi is plenty to run an small airgun. Pull the back of it off and adjust and needle all the way out, and see if you can get some air flowing, it sounds like its losing air threw the trigger assembly which sucks paint up threw the port. I cant be sure though unless I looked at it.

Lastly, check the booklet and find out what your airgun psi is rated at the run correctly, it could be you have a pro model which regular compressors wont run.

thanks for the info.

unfortunately, I don't have my old airbrush OR compressor. There's definately air flowing through the gun.

The plot thickens: Just for yucks, I turned the airbrush upside-down and it sprayed the paint beautifully. This may indicate that the needle, as well, is where it needs to be... but something is definately screwed up.

Let me know if you've got any more ideas or suggestions.
I finally took my new air gun apart tonight to find that is is alot like the HVLP(High Volume Low Pressure)gun that I use at work. It almost sounds like the needle may be untrue, or bent. A replacement shouldn't run more than about $9 or so. I'd try that. If all of your connections are sealed, it should be ok.

PM me when you find out what it is, I am very interested to see what it could be.

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