Pvc gauntlets



Pvc gaunts

I had an idea for pvc gauntlets if any one has done some I'd like to know haow they came out and if so any tips.:)
PVC gauntlets? Sintra? Like...what exactly are you thinking of? I made mine from sintra a million years ago, and I have seen several people on here do a really good job with making their own gauntlets from sintra.
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Im doing that right now. Seeing as how I just started, and only one pair i dont know exactly what works and what doesnt. Just be sure to keep the top part flat to that there is a nice platform/foundation to build on. Use a piece of wood to keep the syntra falt.
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When I said PVC I meant the pipes at hardware stores.
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I was thinking about that as well. I guess it could be done if u have thin forearms. But if u have large forearms one solid pvc pipe wont work, there will be a huge gap between ur wrist and the pvc tube. I think I would just do a syntra gaunt. Im gonna have some pics of the base of my right gauntlet tonight. If u like what u see I will write some blueprints for u.
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