pvc armor...


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now the time for the armor......all pvc armor, with the templates of Wizardofflight(100.000.000 x thanks!)
for those that don´t know what I´m working on, the idea is PVC INSTEAD SINTRA...(here in Spain, is hard to find sintra)
here is a link to the pvc helmet http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=15958&highlight=pvc
here´s a pic of the cod I just have made, and now painting...the others parts of the armor are in the way too.....tomorrow more pics.......


Imagen 039.jpg
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Very nice! I love the detail! Its amazing to me to see the new scratch built armor. When I think back 5 years ago when I started building stuff, scratch built stuff looked nothing like this. Well done!


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Hei "Pibisi Man" (PVC jaja) good work, and I can see the "look" more Screen Accurate from the chest.

Regards (y)


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How do you get (or more importantly, what do you use) the squares on the codpiece?
it`s pvc too, 2 rectangles glued together, the upper´s edges are sanded with the shape (this one is also divided in 2, to make more easy the form).....

yes, KEAANE, thanks for your advise, the chest armor is better;)

AND THANXX TO ALL, for the positive feedback!!!!
tomorrow MUCH more.............


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well here is more progres in the armor....in this pic there are all the stuff I have made with pvc....I like the kness, but I´ll redo them too.....also the blaster, and of course, a ESB blaster, for my ESB costume....
I have made a JP the last year, but I don´t like it nothing, so I have cut it all, and will keep the parts that I think worth to do another....
right now I´m painting green all......

Imagen 048.jpg

Imagen 049.jpg
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Hi, here goes more.....I spend all this day painting the armor.... is not finished, but you can how is comin out....I get bored, so repaint the helmet:wacko ............jeje, hope in a better way..........

Imagen 054.jpg

Imagen 061.jpg

Imagen 064.jpg

Imagen 066.jpg

Imagen 051.jpg


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Hi, me again...few progres today, but a good one...makeme a ligth chest box....with a christmast lightning thing.....:lol:
see you soon......with a JP pvc presentation........;)

Imagen 079.jpg

Imagen 077.jpg

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All I can say is WOW! 8) I bet the PVC stuff is going to be more durable than Sintra. How did you get it to bend? Heat gun? Boiling water? or what? Great work!


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Hi! well, Southern hunter, the PVC bends really easy with a heat gun...I really haven`t try boiling water...and yes, its a very solid stuff, easy to work with it, and hard to broke it....
and Aaron, the grey pvc I have used, is 0,3 cm, and the orange one, is 0,4 cm.....some parts works better one, and in others, the other one....
the hellmet was a more challenge work, but in my opinion, anyone should try to do the armor in PVC, cause PVC ARMOR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeje
see you


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Your armour looks great, im working on some armour in sintra, its going well. I just wish i knew how to attach the pics into the post.

it`s really easy...when you reply, scroll down the page, go to "Additional Options", and clik on "Manage Attachments"...a new page will be popup, there select the file that you want to attach and just "submit reply".......easy cake!! is you don´t find the way pm me...




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Hi!!! I have been working on a couple of things this week, finishing the armor, painting the helmet(not finished yet:facepalm ) and start with the JP!!!!!
letme know what you think.....
see you all