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Hi guys - well after months and months of searching for purple neoprene ... i think ive found some!!!!!

I have Emailed the supplier and hopefully they wont be put off by the fact that its an Enquiry from the UK as the company is US (good for you guys though! lol)

The color to me looks the best Ive seen in an off the roll Neoprene and as soon as i know more i will let you guys know. If i have found what i hope ive found it will be a welcome relief i think to those who missed the 'Fellowship of the Bodysuit' I know the bodysuit has been a thorn in my side motivation wise for this project.

Hope to update you soon, but as enquirys go, if the response time for my Aayla Secura bodypaint is anything to judge by it may be a month lol
Im not sure how much is needed for a bodysuit? Maybe Zam I Am can help me with that? The neoprene comes in a sheet of 29 square feet so Im not sure how many bodysuits this will make. If anyone could help there Id appreciate it.

Anyway this is the color - its the closest ive seen in a neoprene already made up.

If anyone wants to join in with my buying it plz let me know and we can arrange to share up a sheet.
That's probably as close as you're gonna get... it isn't bad either! A little darker than the "Fellowship" color.... perhaps more on the red side as well (hard to tell off of a monitor) - but I think it would work fine if you base the rest of your colors off of that - meaning the colors you dye your skirt leather and make your vest and cumberbun leather, etc. All the different pics of Zam under different lighting conditions make her suit look like a wide variety of colors.

Good luck on that!

Oh.. I think ZIA had said we needed 6 yards of the material... I'm guessing 45" wide - as we had the lycra first. I'm not even going to attempt the math on converting that! ;)
I might want in on this, let me know what the cost ends up being and how close the color ends up.

pleased with her lycra, but willing to try something better
I might be able to offer some dye matched lycra that doesn't have neoprene backing. I have to check how much stock I have left, if you two are interested. There were a couple of people who decided just to do lycra with no neoprene backing, but with the color that matched the MOM pics. You would have to make a unitard with a black middle and probably use interfacing? or something to prevent the suit from gathering/bunching up like a swim suit (headliner?). The lycra I have is what got laminated to the top of the neoprene. I bought some extra. But of course, this is just lycra only, but with the perfect colormatch.
I am certainly interested in getting some fabric/neoprene to get my zam costume going strong. once you got the suite done, you're like almost there visually. if zamiam and you work together for color matching that would be great for all of us who missed out on the first run of neoprene.
I am really sorry, but, I know where that swatch came from, and unfortunately you will not be able to get that neoprene the same color as mine, because of the heat and adhesion process by which it is done. I am only offering my lycra only for sale at this time. It's not as easy dealing with three manufacturers as you would think. I am sorry, but I am really busy. I don't have the time to coordinate to get another run of neoprene before C3. Please post if you are interested in yardage of the the 5135u lycra (no neoprene) so that you can make a unitard.
Its kewl you have some lycra left, ill have to see how it goes - i would have liked the accurate color but i had given up thinking i would get any so this neoprene was an option i found that was close off the roll. I wasnt going to get it custom dyed or anything just buy as is. I think i would rather use slightly un-accutrate color than use lycra on its own. I like the thick look of neoprene

All the other purple neoprenes off the roll i found were bright pink purple, this was the only one i thought you could get away with using as it is.
Remember, just because you have the purple neoprene, and you like the "look" doesn't necessarily mean that the grade of neoprene is worth plunking the money down for. If you are wearing swimming grade which is THICK, lots more thick than mine, you could be doing yourself a greater disservice because of the #1 sewing on a home machine may be impossible, #2 Trapping of body heat could make you overheat a lot faster while costuming. I just want you guys to be safe and realistic about the $$ you would be ultimately spending. At Dragon Con last year I almost passed out, because of heat exhaustion, even though my suit grade is a LOT thinner than regular neoprene and is breathable unlike most neoprene that most distributors carry. So if you can imagine wearing a non-breathable, thick heavy neoprene, you run the risk of spending lots of money on something that could cause you so much grief. Not that it's impossible, but my seamstress had higher grade sewing machines, how be it, they weren't industrial, but she had to repair 3 of her sewing machines and had needles constantly break with the neoprene that I had. The other stuff you have is even thicker. Industrial grade sewing machines would be probably the only viable option and you run the risk of heat exhaustion a lot faster, because it probably isn't breathable.
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