My first Troop!


Decent number of pics coming.
So last night (it’s 12:30am, so yesterday now) was the culmination of 11 months of work to get a fett suit together to be able to troop alongside some 501st guys from the golden state garrison in mid-northern california. The charity event was organized for the children’s oncology department for one of the hospitals in Sacramento by my sister.

I ran out of time to make my kit completely 501st complient (the flight suit is too baggy, the shin tools need to be properly painted ROTJ, but other than that it all came out freaking AWESOME!!!!! I had so much fun!!!

Disclaimer, in these pics the strap on one of my knee armor pieces came undone in the heat so it kept working itself around crooked... and later in the evening the adhesive I used to keep the gauntlet hoses together came undone in the heat, so I had to start carrying my blaster around by my hip. If I’d shoulder it in the later pictures than my hoses would pop out to the side from my sleeve. All things to address when I get back home... but I had an absolutely phenomenal amazing awesome nerdy time.

Quick note... Artakha, I wanted you to know that all the guys that were there were EXTREMELY impressed and saying how fantastic your paintjob was on the armor, helmet and jetpack. The kylo renn guy told me that the garrison commander troops as fett, and that my armor looks as good as his. Thank you bud. Talk about making this 1st time trooper beam with pride. Even said that as soon as I get the flight suit taken in and shin tools painted that everything else looks good enough to get in as level 1, easy. Freakin awesome.

Plus.... they were impressed as all hell with my rig that let me, fully armored up, put my jetpack on completely by myself and then take it off by myself at the end of the night. That’s awesome!!!!


All of us with my nephew, the event was organized in his name due to his cancer treatments


My table


Sand trooper




This is so awesome!!!!!


Messed up knee strap, and an esb shin tool, ah well


With my sis.

Best part... her husband got in the dunk tank later in the evening and was of course taunting the kids that couldn’t hit the target.

So of course nobody’s gonna say anything to Boba Fett walking up and pushing the target to dunk him, while playing the imperial march from a bluetooth speaker in my jetpack lol

Quick note, I found something online that I ordered called “conductive thread”. Sew a bit of it into the finger pad area of the index finger of your glove, and you can use your iphone with your gloves on. :)

Was really helpful. I had to call the mrs at one point and didn’t have to take off my gloves or a gauntlet and glove to use my phone.
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Jr Hunter
That really all looks great And its sounds like you had a great time
I've got my first com con in Nottingham UK to go to in October


Awesome. How did the boots feel?
I really and honestly cannot believe how comfortable the entire suit and the boots were. It was 92 degrees out and I really didn’t feel crappy. It was only 4 hours but I figured i’d be really sore or uncomfortable. As for the boots, I didn’t have inserts or anything in them and my feet weren’t hurting or sore, it was just like wearing Vans.

My one takeaway..... even if it’s fast and easy..... freakin NEVER use a hot glue gun to attach straps and magnets. Especially if it’s going to be hot out.