Purchasing Earpieces?


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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and hoping to get some guidance as I take on the task of making my first set of custom Mandalorian armor.

I've searched through the forums and haven't really found an answer to this, and I apologize if it's already been addressed. I'm making my first helmet (custom) using a combination of a couple tutorials I've found (one of which was Antman's cardboard tutorial, another found on Mandalorian Mercs). After the initial cardboard underlay is formed I plan on using fiberglass and bondo to finish the helmet. Since I no longer have access to a 3d printer, I'd like to purchase earpieces (both sides) that I can attach before painting. The main reason for this is I can't see any way for me to make them out of paper or cardboard without them looking sloppy. Does anyone have any insight as to where I can find them for sale? My wife has me on a pretty strict costume budget for this, and since I'm not building an actual Boba Fett replica it doesn't have to be official.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Welcome Buckeye.
You could try to contact a member called Animefan. He makes some nice stuff and may sell ear pieces separately.