Advise on purchasing a dented helmet UK


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hi guys.. so been lurking on forums looking at all different ways to make, mould or build a ESB Boba Helmet.

Kinda realising that the only way I would ever be happy is if I had one pre-made (even pre-painted), obviously being UK based I'm limited on what's available and otherwise its a import job.

With some searching I have found rspropmasters which will provide me what I need, they also do a kit which is out of stock at the moment (but as I said painting isn't my expert field).

Has anyone purchased one of these or know of a equally/better UK supplier? My only concern in not making one to building one is the fit :p

Im not out to the idea of ordering from the USA, but I'd want it to be flawless as couldn't do with all the returns issues.


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I've not bought a BM helmet but I have purchased several other finished parts. Quality is good. I don't know the price of a completed helmet but I would anticipate a year long wait before having it in hand. His standard time frame on finished parts pretty much.


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When I contacted RSprops earlier in the year re a kit, they said lead time was approx 6-8 weeks. So a complete I reckon probably a few months at least.


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To be safe I wouldn't expect a helmet from any builder in les than 6 months except maybe Ryan (animefan).


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My helm is RS and painted by Rob S I believe. Its a good helm and wait time was 4-6 weeks. It fits well
If you want more info lemme know.


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I was also looking at the RS page and was disappointed to see the Fett out of stock.
Maybe if we both asked for it they may do a run of them...