Prop Palace armor....???

Tim Allen

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Has any one ordered or see up close any of the PP armor :gauntlets, helmet, chest armor, knees boots......etc??? They seem to look decent from the pictures. but then again pictures can be deciving.....If any one can give me some info on them it would be greatly appriciated......thanks. - Tim Allen


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OOOHH... I guess Thomas Ernies Dad didn't tell him that "16 gets you 20". Thanks JangoBear, that was real good reading. So this guy fled the states, wanted by the FBI, and still selling stuff?


Wow. I had heard bad things about this guy, but I had no clue as to the extent. And to think, he's using my oxygen... What a waste.


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His ebay auctions have his feed protected so you can't see it.
Must be hiding a lot of negative feedback. Don't go there.
I've said this before about his corny cartoon pictures and the one with the acurate jango boot Drawing and a totally different real picture of the boot which is not close.


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A friend of mine bought his Boba/Jango fiberglass armor. The shape is off if you ask me. Allthough, I know SEVERAL people who own his officer's uniforms and every one of them are quite pleased with them.

fett uk

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Thanks for the warning, I very neary purchased from this guy.
His prices aren't bad - pity he's a knob head. :rolleyes

If it wasn't for this forum I would have lost alot of hard earned cash. Its a pity we cant warn any other poor suckers on ebay !!!


death to windu

I was thinking of buying an ammo belt from him. NOT ANYMORE. What a perv. Thanks for the info.


Next Assignment: Fly to the Philippines and aprehend this man. Note he is armed and dangerous, bring him back alive, no disintegrations.


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What a flippen dirtball. This guys needs to be...Well you all know what needs to be done...


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I bet he drives A van,with no windows.He has A bowl of candy on the dashboard."Perhaps"(HE SHOULD BE DRUG OUT IN THE STREET AND SHOT)


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Not to disrupt the lynch mob or anything, but the link between Thomas Scheuer (Universal Armorer) and Peter Lawless (The Prop Palace) has yet to be confirmed. We had this discussion several times on the RPF and the jury is still out on this one. I even posted Peter's passport photo (I actually have a copy of his passport/don't ask, I have connections ;)) next to the most recent picture we could find of Thomas and although the two have some similar features, it is still debatable if it's the same guy. If it is, yes, he's a scam artist and dirtbag. If not, this guy is a victim of geography and theories. I have dealt with TPP a few times and have yet to have any bad deals. So without further ado, here's the pics. Let the TDH trial begin!

....Thomas Scheuer/Universal Armorers.........................Peter Lawless/The Prop Palace....


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I'll be the first to chime in on this one.It is very hard to tell
from the pics.I say no.Look at the chin and around the eyes.I
took into consideration the loss of weight.It does not appear to be the same guy to me.Related maybe!AH!!!! Upon further instection,look at the bridge of the nose!Certain features
would chang in time.But not the bridge.Again I say no.Not the same guy.