Prop Palace armor....???



Unless he was using the passport photo of someone who looked very similar to him.

duhn duhn duhn!

The plot thickens! ;) :lol:


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Although I cropped the picture so they'd be about the same size, I have the complete scan of his passport. I'm pretty sure that the picture is legit. If he changed the photo, he'd be in deeper water than prop scamming. Ever see Midnight Express?

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Hey All,

I just have to chime in here.

I did some business with Tom many years ago. He had some very nice props. I never saw any costumes or armor in his inventory, just props. He was hard to deal with usually and a little over-priced.

I have also done some business with Peter Lawless. Everything I have ordered arrived in a reasonable amount of time (less than 2 months). Considering that his products are custom made and shipped half way around the world, that isn't bad. I do have a problem with some of his products. His gloves tend to be pretty bad.

Now as to Thomas being Peter. I say it isn't really possible. Look at the pictures. The picture of Tom was taken in 1995-1996. Peter's passport was issued in 1997. Tom is NOT Australian. He didn't flee the country until 2000.

According to the Australian Citizenship website:
"2 - Have you been present in Australia as a permanent resident for two years in the previous five years, including for twelve months in the past two years?"

So, there is no way for him to get Australian citizenship in less than a year let alone 3 years before he left. Also, unless he had major plastic surgery (he would deserve a refund if he had), I don't see how his features could change that much in 1 (or at most 2) years.

"3 - Are you of good character?"

I do believe that a background check on the Australian Government's part would have turned up the charges against him.

Now I suppose it is possible that Peter and Tom work together. But, I can't believe that after seeing all of the information on the web that anyone would continue to associate with that kind of person.

Until someone proves without a doubt that Peter and Thomas are the same person, or even work together, I feel that it is safe to order from PropPalace. I know that a lot of people will disagree, but that is my opinion and I still say "prove it". There are a lot of accusations, without any concrete proof, that could be construed as defamation of character.



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Excalibur wrote:

His ebay auctions have his feed protected so you can't see it.
Must be hiding a lot of negative feedback. Don't go there.
I've said this before about his corny cartoon pictures and the one with the acurate jango boot Drawing and a totally different real picture of the boot which is not close.
I'm chiming in too. I didn't want to jump right in here without really studying those photos. I feel that those are 2 different people and that sincerly hope 1 of them is legit. If Lawless is legit (Prop Palace) is it his Ebay Feedback thats protected or is it Thomas thats being Feedback protected?:confused

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Feedback concealed! What the heck is that!? Feedback is supposed to protect the potential interested bidder. If the public can't see it, what's the point of having it? Sounds shadey to me.


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I am sure many of us have sold on ebay so we all know that feedback is pretty important in the decision of the purchase, at least that is how I feel. As far as the pics of these two, I think they are similar but most likely not the same person.

I guess I am a little guilty of jumpin onthe bandwagon to lynch this guy w/out enough proof. However, molester or not, from what I have read, this guys track record is not that great.

I will stick to the dealers who are recommended by many on the board. Why take the risk?

Just my 2 cents...


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If you want to see his feedback before he opened his new eBay account, click here
It appears that the complaints were mainly poor quality patches, slow shipping, or communications gaps (although he has always responded to my emails within a day or two). Like it was previously mentioned, they are located on the other side of the planet. Standard shipping takes a minumium of 20 days, and part of that trip is via boat. Factor in that their costumes are made to order, I don't see how anybody can expect instantanious shipping. Don't get me wrong here, I am not defending this company by any means, I just don't want to see anybody get blackballed without merit.

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Fettcicle - I'm almost afraid to ask the specifics about this, but are you just making a general word-to-the-wise statement, or do we have a personal story to tell behind this? :lol:D


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I personally don't bid on auctions where I can't see the Feed Back or have excessive negative Feed Back. In the end is up too you if you are willing to take the risk. Anyway, you don't have to go to the other side of the world to find nice props, just have patience.


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Um, funny you should ask :rolleyes .... NO STORY! :lol: Besides they didn't get black as much as a dark blue .... their OK now, I hope! :lol:


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:lol:... *get's mind off cold weather stories*...

I have always heard tales of the Prop Palace being an evil company, but I ordered an ammo belt from them last summer and it came fine, no problems. But if he really is a creep...Send WPK to get him!


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Its kinda tricky now. " To buy or not to buy.... whos a$$ is on the line?" Thats my Shakespearian theory. Well, so far some of the board members here seems to give Prop Palace somewhat of a (y). But concealed feedback gives me the heebee jeebies.


I ordered some patches from him once. total was about 100 some of them were 2for 1 deals. when the order came i was short many patches. since it was 4 months from the time i ordered them the auctions were gone. He sells stuff on ebay and doenst have the product to back it up. that is why he keeps getting blackballed from ebay. It is kinda a buyer beware situation. Me personally i buy from 2 people here on the board one in FL and the other was offering the awesome shin tools. the products i purchased from them was the great and they were quick to answer any question or help out.

my 3.5 cents.



I spent about $500 ordering a complete Boba Fett costume from this guy and I am satisfied with everything except the vest. I ordered with about a month left until Halloween and he delivered the day before Halloween, pretty damn good if you ask me for custom work! Everything fit pretty well, and the quality was exceptional! As for the armor, jet packs or helemts, I cannot comment on the quality of those, I had them made from someone else and had them painted to the ROTJ specs. Peter Lawless's emails were a bit slow, but he did respond! Come on people, he is half way around the world! He also cut me a deal and combined shipping and handling, saving me over $100. Any questions, email me directly at -tony
I also had problems with this guy, but right on the day of Halloween I received my jango holster. It was very well put together..and I really like it. But seriously, the guy is pretty shady...and too expensive..some of the people on this board are where you should get all your stuff.


Good lord, but I couldn't believe what I was reading. I actually bought my rifle from Universal Armorer back in '98 or so, and my helmet from Tally Ho Studios in '97, and both are listed as companies he helmed or had a hand in. And I was really considering those gloves at Prop Palace, but if that guy has ANYTHING to do with child pornography, there is no way I would ever send him money.