Prop area a WRECK???


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I don't know if its just me, but the area that I build most of my props seems to be getting a little bit cramped. Little pieces and half built stuff laying all over the place. Since I am semi new to building my own stuff, I was wondering if this normal.

And also, is it normal that I have 3 different costumes going at one time?

Any one else have this problem:D
Nope, it's normal. My dining room is once again in disarray as is the garage. I really could use a work room! (wish I had thought of that when I built my house!) And yes, it's normal to be working on several costumes at one time :)
my wife has learned to leave the mess in the middle of the living room floor alone and i will clean it up when i am finished building whatever i'm working on .
I usually have two or three costumes going at once, but now that my Boba Fett is under way (and since it is so intensive), it's my only costume WIP. I've learned from experience where prop work should and should not take place, however. I did some sanding in close proximity to my bed recently, and paid the price for it.
I know what you mean. last month I moved my classic porsche out of the garage because I couldn't get to the sintra, bondo,and paints that I had place near the back of the wall. I didn't put the car back in since because I need the working room in the garage as well. My wife knows I'm getting that "creative itch" again because I'm also creating Halloween costumes for my two little boys too. My living room is a dump because thats where the creativity happens.:D One thing that's going for me is that she knows I can create some killer costumes on a budget. What's most amazing to me and maybe most of you is that it takes so much room to work and create a costume but when it's all can hang your suit in a closet or store it in a box.:lol:
I used to have my shed full of stuff (star wars collection still in boxes....and growing) and I thought at that time: "I won't buy any more stuff", but then after I started this costume (and starting with another one...surprise for next year's DC), I can't find more space in my shed anymore, and now is more difficuld to walk around just looking for my Fett parts.

Besides, my computer room used to be an open space for anything, like an office space, but I started to use it as my night table-hobby-drawing-cutting-software-developing, graphic-artist-stuff creativity area...and the sorts...where most of the Fett stuff happened (i.e. where I get logged to TDH, and get ideas from)...You get it?


My kitchen table is a disaster. I`m working on three costumes as I type this, and I don`t think I`ll ever be done!
I`m glad to see I`m not the only one.

I work in the basement, and if it ain't messey, then nothing's going on :lol: I hate it sometimes because things just disappear right under my nose :p But it's totally normal to have things strewn about, it's part of the creative process. If you worry too much about the "mess" your making, you obviously aren't having fun building something. When I get done, then I start to pitch the junk into a big old garbadge can and haul the stuff to the trash. That's about once a year :p
I have stuff lying all over my room from several different costumes and projects. Especially now that I am working on mandalore armor so I have to make the templates and print them out and test them. Yesterday I had paper all over the place when I was working on the neck armor template. Every costume I have is a work in progress because I am always thinking about how to make it better. So I am always working on more than one costume. It is the way of the Star Wars costumer:)
in my new house i have two, yes you read that right, two shops. in one week i cant wait to get in there and start working again!

i'm sure they will be a mess soon.

as for my current shop, its a disaster area. a half finished jet pack here, some knees there, its a mess. thats par for the course though.
I was hopeing for these responses. Now if you could all call my wife and explain this to her:D

My favorite mess is the ball of Velcro that I have. It looks like the ball of Christmas lights Clark Grizwald handed his son in the movie Christmas Vacation.
I remember when my apartment use to look like this. Not anymore!

<image src=>
I've got a huge ball of tape from taping off to paint. After I finish painting, I just wad the tape up and add it to the pile. It's currently only about as big as a softball, but that'll change once my jet pack gets here!

SEEKER wrote:

I remember when my apartment use to look like this. Not anymore!

<image src=>

JEEZ 'Turo, that's a BIG apartment! Is that you sitting in the couch? :lol:

man, that's a cool apartment! I wish we had apartments with wood floors like that here in TX...easier to clean up all the sintra shavings after an evening of cutting and sanding.

I have a two car garage with workbench that spans the entire back wall..

but somehow I can never find 2 feet of space to work on a Jedi belt, or finish the Stormie blaster prop..

No cars in my garage, that's for sure. (but I did find space for the drill press and bench grinder!!)

Sort of OT, but relevant..

My wife went shopping with her mother at an outlet mall the other day. And she came home with a bench grinder with light for me. and for about $20 cheaper than comparable models I'd been looking at.

I love this woman. :)


mgr wrote:

I was hopeing for these responses. Now if you could all call my wife and explain this to her:D

Hmmm... don't know if I can... I don't suffer from the "Martha Stewart Syndrome" as my office/hobby room/disaster area will attest. :D Just kidding... Though, between computer parts, Zam parts, and my Maul collection it's a wonder the cat can get through without knocking anything over! :D :D

Have you tried getting her into costuming?
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