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***Guess I should have said this from the start, feedback, comments, suggestions or insults are encouraged. Would like to know if anyone cares for me to continue with progress pics or just wait till I finish and show the final product without the intermediary steps.***

I actually started a couple weeks ago but figured I was happy enough with current progress to start a thread. I am making two buckets based on Alans (a genius) Templates. I started by building the sintra version of the WOF templates, then filled it with hydrocal white. It's hollow underneath to save materials and lighten it.


The first try wasn't the cleanest. The mandible collapsed partly and the overall shape was slightly distorted due to my own mistakes. I trimed it down initially while the plaster was still soft. I wasn't too worried about how rough it was since this is a base for a clay sculpt.


This is where the Sculpt sits now, after a couple more hours


I pressed the sintra cheek peices to clay and left them in place to reduce the surface I needed to work. Yeah, OK, I am a cheat.



I used water based clay even though I would have much prefered to use my chavant NSP. The wax/oil based clay wouldn't stick to the gypsum near as well as it stuck to my fingers. Wasn't thrilled about it, but so far I am pretty happy with the water based clay.

I will be starting the dome this week when I decide on a suitable base material to start with.

I have started a second one as well, at 85% the size of the original WOF template size.


And side by side


I am doing them without the ear pieces so when I mold/cast them, they can be customized.

I did the baby sized one differently than the large one in that I didn't cut out the mandibles, but instead I molded them in reverse inside like this.


That meant a lot less clean up. It's not a Bobamaker or Sgt Fang, but at least I can call it my own. There is hope for those of us with limited/no skills. More to follow...

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Dude, that's looking sweeeeet!! That's going to be a beautiful helmet when you cast the first one. Can't wait for more progress!
I plan to cast two of each. One large for my fat head and one for my friend(femlorian), then the two smaller for each of my childrens fat heads.

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Sounds like a good plan! When you said you were casting them without the ears so they could be customized, does that mean you'll be doing a custom Mando, or are you doing a Boba while the others do customs? Either way, I await the casting and paintup stages!
Right now the plan is to do my sons as Boba, my daughters as jango, my friends as a custom femlorian, and mine undecided just yet. I have also been toying with the idea of a fan film with the local fan force group that is a 'mando clan-war' story. Probably pre-episode I. if so that might require a half dozen or so custom mandos. Not sure how likely that will be at this point. I have too many other film projects in the works, we shall see...

Gonna double post since it's been almost a week since my last update to post some of the new pics. I started the dome for the mini-mando bucket.


Did a rough shaping out with some of my heavier Rasps. There are a couple advantages to the rasps. One it that it doesn't create nearly as much dust, instead it makes fairly intact chips. the other being that it moves a lot of material. Hydrocal White is much harder than Plaster of Paris. I also want a rough surface so when I attach clay it sticks a lot easier.


I intentionally cut the outer diameter down about 3/8 of an inch from the actual design to leave room for the layer of clay.

Haven't had a lot of time this last week to progress much, I did get some hours detailing the face of the helm though, didn't get any great pics of that yet. It's in the background of the first pic though.

fantastic, 1st of all takes ahem.. you know.. to even attempt this, and then to have the progress that you are.. kudos
NICE work bud, you do have some wicked skills there! Just hope mine turns out half as good..also using WOF's templates... great job (y)
I had an hour this evening when I got home, so I cut some clay and shaped out the rough dome and was starting to fit it the the rest of the helm tonight. Progress as it sits now...









The right (left side as you face it) cheek/mandibles still need a lot of work so that will be next, I hope to have an initial mold made by the middle of June. I am sure that the first version will still require a lot of work, but this is where I am now...

I have never taken an art or shop class in my life, so I have to kind of make it up as I go along. Sometimes my ideas work out, and often they don't. And my wife leaves me alone when I am in the basement working on my stuff, which means no adult supervision. Yay.

Dude.. one word sweet! never seen this approach before... mine was completely from Foamalux (Sintra to you guys) and a skateboarding helmet.
Bit of work to the inner cheeks and your almost there? :cheers
I am pretty happy with the cheeks on the full size helm, the mini-mando (85%) one is a ways off in that respect. I agree, The full size one needs a dome soon, then I will have a better idea how far I am from pouring silicone. I am planing to do the mold in three pieces if I can swing it. One piece for the dome then one for the face and one for the back. Then I can switch out silicone pieces depending on which helmet I want to make. That might not make sense right now but it will later when I get to that point. Should be clear then.

As far as the thread is concerned, it's not mine to steal, I may have started it, but it's here for the communities benifit, not mine. Learn good things from it or learn what not to do. I am not overly protective and don't think you are trying to hijack my thread. I don't think many would notice even if you did, it's not that important a thread. Besides, the community at large will tolerate whatever it will tolerate.

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I kinda understand what you mean... your thought process is very methodical. gonna look sweet when you pull it off.
keep us posted.
I did a lot more work tonight on the mini-mando cheeks, but we have massive thunderstorms and the power keeps dropping off so I will try to post updates tomorrow from the office.

Too shallow you think? Hmmmm... You could well be right. I think it's hard to tell with the lousy shots I have taken so far, the white washes out. I will try to take some better shots up, and from better angles. Thank you for the critical eye though. I was just not sure how deep they should go. I have never owned, or held for that matter, a boba or jango bucket.

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