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Jango 5204

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O.K., so much for building Jango on a budget. I must say I've been infected. I've been out of town in training, but I took my suit with me to work on it( instead of studying:eek: ) I'm now a NHTSA certified child restraint technician. Takes 40+ hours to get it, that's nuts. Only takes 3 days to get certified in the use of RADAR. Anyway, just got the dented BKBT and got it done. The helmet on the right is a plastic/vinyl Don Post Boba Fett I converted to Jango. I had planned to use it till I found all you fine people.:lol: I used a color call Model Masters French Blue for the front. Found it at Hobbytown USA cause I didn't want to wait for Ocean blue. Did a bunch of leather work and finished up the holsters and underbelt. Looks like I just bought a JD cod from Cruzer, instead of the one pictured. Now it's a $1045.00 suit:eek:

Whatcha yall think?(y)


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Nice! Beautiful work. I love it when people build Jango and the metal parts actually come out looking real! It really bothers me when people spraypaint silver or so and it comes out looking absolutely nothing like a metal.

Once again, great job! I hope to see more beautiful work in the future!

Jango 5204

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Thanks, I got the color off your build up thread. Love the helmet!(y) Probably could use more expertise on weathering, but I gave it a shot. The shape and the crisp lines just look right. LOVE THAT HELMET!

bigkidbiggertoys said:
I like the Model Masters French Blue too;)


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Français bleu. :) I wish that it were a bit deeper in colour, oh well.. It looks fine and you really don't need to worry about it not being Ocean blue. I like it the way it is!


zxwing said:
Very nice. Looks like we are getting Jango heavy in California.

Does that mean that Jango Britt won't be welcome at San Diego ComiCon? :p

Just waiting on knee darts to arrive, then I'll be done! woot