Pred\'s friends Jet Pack progress pics. Finnished PICS!!!


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Pred's friends Jetpack progress pics. Finnished PICS!!!

*Update 10/31*
Here are the finnished pics of the jet pack. I am quite pleased with how it came out. But lets here your comments.




I have been painting this jet pack for a friend of mine. It is one of the Propcollections jet packs. And let me tell you what happens when you polish a get a shiny turd. Let me tell you my friend did a ton of work on this jet pack to get it where it is now but it still isn't great and it weights a bloody ton! So on to the pics. Tell me what you all think. I did all the weathering with the mustard method, and will be taking the mustard off tonight, pics of that to follow.











Considering the horror stories I have heard . . . .

I would say your attempt at this is pretty good.

How much does this pack weigh? And waht is the lightest one you have aquired?
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I know someone with a 6 pound jet pack, its styrene and he foam filled the inside with marine foam mix. Only added 2 pounds, and then He didnt care for the plastic rocket so he got resin, then resin thrusters.

He was bragging so much on how light it was till he modified it, now his weighs 12 pound lol, and mine weighed 14.
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Mine wieghs 11 lbs. Not that bad, but it puts pressure on the backplate which inturn pulls the collar into my neck.
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This one weights a bloody ton!! I don't know the actual pounds but it is very heavy. I bought one of the MLC jet packs for my self and have heard it weighs very little.
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