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Hey all. Starting on a Boba Fett costume, post sarlac, with fresh paint.

It'll be an "85% solution"; fun, and looks good walkin' around, but not stressing a ton about super accuracy. Since I imagine the costume used in the shows will evolve between now and the final filming of BoBF, I'm not going to really try and nail down super detailed elements for now, hence the relaxed accuracy I'm worrying about.

Using an old Don Post vinyl helmet. It's sentimental to me, so I'm going to get it nice enough to wear around and look nice sitting on my shelf. Long term it'll get replaced with a better one. Goin to leave the the trade marks and such on the back (again, sentimental reasons, and eventually getting replaced)

Chest plates are from an unknown creator from decades ago. Long term, they'll get replaced.

I'll be 3D printing gauntlets, shoulder bells, and knees.

Back plate will be the weirdest part to get (I think). I don't imagine there's a ton of them available without also buying the shoulder and chest plates along with it, but I'll perceiver.

Jet pack may be the main "accurate" thing I get, since it's such an investment. It probably can be 3D printed, but that's a level of suck to print, that it may not be worth it.

I'll 3D print weapons, short of finding great kits I like for a good price.

Boots are nortiv 8 snow boots.

Paint will also be "85% solution". I'm not throwing in on a spray booth or airbrush right this moment, so paints will be spray can or from a bottle/hand painted. I haven't dug into what the proper colors are yet, but I'm sure it's pretty handy to find around here, and I'll match best I can.

I'll post up my progress here as I make it.

Feel free to let me know if you read this and think of anything I'd need to know :D.


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