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I don't know if it's ever been mentioned before, but on the pre-production suit you can see a metal thing on Fett's horse girth. It's on his right side, and in the stand up you can see it clearly. In the pic below, it's barely visible as a glint of metal on the belt. I couldn't find any other pictures of it, but if you've got the stand up or other pictures at home with a higher resolution, you'll be able to see it better.


Has anybody mentioned this thing before?
That's so friggin weird...I just noticed that 10 minutes earlier. I was studying my cutout. it looks like just a four hole standard button.
I believe maybey what is being seen is the collar nuts that are also used to connect the cod piece to the but plate....cant realy tell from your pic LF..

Actually, at this point I'm 99% sure it's the metal ear off of a paint can. I worked in paint all through college, and I saw a lot of those things, and ripped a lot out of the cans for various laboratory reasons.

I've got one sewn onto my own rope belt in just that position. It looks the same as that stand up picture from the front. I would have that 1% confirmation that's left if I saw that thing from the side, though.
I noticed that way back when I got my cutout, It reminded me of those little doo dads you pull fringe through, like on leather saddlebags or harnesses ( they are usually round with two slits and have a star stamped on them). It may even be some sort of harness strap buckle thing from a saddle, like the girth, it also may be a button blank. I thought it may have been that strange block on the cod piece poken through the girth.
I too noticed that a long time ago and always thought it was some type of button but I never studied it in detail. These are the kind of tidbits I love! Thanks for bringing it up LisaFett! BTW, can you post a pic of yours?
I can't find my Fett stand up, he's temporarily lost somewhere in the move.

Here's my paint can ear:
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