Pre Pro 1 Armor Color


New Hunter
This is a question out there to all the paint and boba experts. I am starting the process of trying to paint up Pre pro #1 armor set.
The question I have is the esb promotional armors left chestpiece in the gallery the same as on the PP1? It looks nearly identical besides some additional scratches from possibly being mishandled.

If it is the same then I am hoping to use it as a color reference.

The Right chest piece and collar on the esb promotional in the galley also look identical to the PP2.

Thank for the input.
Yes, the left chest plate is Pre-Pro #1 and the rest are from the Pre-Pro #2 suit:

Here are some images of the Pre-Pro #1 that I tried to color correct using the above image:
Color Corrected.jpg


And the Pre-Pro #2:
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