1. Searay758

    SE Fett Armor Color Touch-up/repaint suggestions, other misc Q's

    Hello all! I come before you looking for some advice on modifying my SE Fett's armor colors. Here he stands at the moment: Years ago when I painted this, for the ESB helmet paint up I followed the colors laid out in the stickied MindMeister map (Boba Fett Paint Colors) which I feel gave me...
  2. T

    Pre Pro 1 Armor Color

    This is a question out there to all the paint and boba experts. I am starting the process of trying to paint up Pre pro #1 armor set. The question I have is the esb promotional armors left chestpiece in the gallery the same as on the PP1? It looks nearly identical besides some additional...
  3. TheHolyLasagna

    Best colours for armor

    The colors are mostly straigt forward but Some of them can be interpeterd different like The helmen is it grey or c if you have any idea
  4. TheHolyLasagna

    Tips for paintning

    So i am getting surgery in a couple of weeks so i am not capable af painting The first couple of weeks but i am letting a friend paint but he will use spray cans is this good or should it be normal painting and wich cans are The best to use or just tips in general he normaly makes art on cars...
  5. James Hunt

    Testors paints for ROTJ armor?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Testor's brand paint colors that are comparable to Humbrol or Floquil for armor, gauntlets, and helmet? Does anyone have any of these logged away? If not is there a better place to get Humbrol paints online?