Jet Pack Pre-orders opened up for Anovos jetpacks


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yeah they do seem to be shipping things now, or at least their current catalog. The big gamble now is, do we wait to see if Anovos 2.0 picks up the packs, or if its wiser to just toss another hundo or so in for something you can at least resell quick
I truly hate what this company and those who ran it have done to the Prop hobby as a whole though. it's really sad.


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Hi everyone. I wanted to share an update.

So I decided to exchange my order of two jetpacks for store credit. I emailed them on May 14. Two days later they replied saying they can give me credit, just to confirm. That same day, May 16, I confirmed. Two days later, the 18, I get a respond that they've requested a digital gift card to be sent out and that my order of the jetpacks is now "closed". I do get the email for of the gift card but it's only for $400.

I emailed them back immediately asking why its only $400, not expecting a reply for another two days, which would be Friday the 20th. Friday comes along, nothing. And because the weekend was coming up, of course I wouldn't hear back from them for an additional two days.

That brings me to today, Monday the 23rd. As of writing this I still haven't heard back from them. I've attached screenshots of the emails. Curious to know what you guys think.


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Update, it took a while but I did receive a second $400 digital gift card. And that's the end of that.
Yeesh! Frustrating for sure. They failed at one company (Anovos). It sure looks like to me that its resurrected company "Denuo Novo" is not any better. Yeah, these guys are not gonna get my hard earned dollar. I don't really see how Anovos/Denuo Novo is any much better than "Bentley O'Toole"!

(Fans of Family Guy will appreciate that one!)

For those that don't know of Bentley O'Toole, here a link: Don't buy R2D2 or starwars prop from Bentley O'toole in AU