Praises For MLC Sidearm!


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I just walked in the door from work only to find a niced sized package sitting on my table from you know who!
I was so excited, I opened the box, grabbed my camera and snapped off a few shots before I even took my coat off! LOL
Here you go!
This thing is so solid and nice that I can't wait to wear it to a convention!

Sidearm 1.jpg

Sidearm 2.jpg

Sidearm 3.jpg

Sidearm 4.jpg
Yeah, it's was even nicer (and bigger) that I had expected. All it needs is some metalic paint and weathering and you're done. You can't beat that. :)

Short story but I know you will all apreciate it.
I was so excited about the sidearm that I just had to bring it to work with me.
As many of you know, I workl at a bank in a mortgage department.
Bank and Gun doesn't usually mix but I am not IN the branch. LOL
I have been playing around with the thing all day.
I just can't wait to get it all painted up! It has definately made me a hundred times more excited to receive the Jet Pack when it comes!!!!
Funny you should say that...My co-workers have already said that I have to bring the costume to work to show them. THey want to see the whole thing.
Well, you have already seen all the crap I have in my office JFJ. SO you know they are all hip to how much of a die hard I am!
Has anyone wondered about cutting out the barrel section and having a machined aluminum barrel section made to slip into the spot?? No matter how well I paint it there is nothing like a real machined metal peice....

Just had to post my praises for these two beautiful pieces. I just go them yesterday, and they were ready to paint right out of the box (literally, I did most of the work last night and this morning ;))
Here are a few photos so far, still working on the holster (excuse my always crappy camera):




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