Posterboard Helmet


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I started last night on this. So far I've been lucky, as the most tedious part has been pasting the templates (thanks to Wizard of Flight) and cutting them out. The only minor snags I've run into so far is not compensating for the lack of thickness of the posterboard in regards to the ridge that runs around the helmet below the dome and also the dome base and the rear support beam hitting the back of my head so that my nose hit the front of the helmet.
I solved the first problem by unsticking the support beams and resticking them slightly squished inward so that there was a gap between the outer edge of the beams and the lip of the helmet. The second problem was solved simply by shaving the rear of the dome base and rear beam a bit.
Since the posterboard is slightly flimsier than cardboard or the other materials people are using to create their helmets, I had to leave 2 supports connected in the shield part until I stiffen up the inside with spray can rubberized undercoating later tonight. I think the minor flimsiness has actually been an advantage to work with, especially in the cheek portion. I've been using scotch tape to hold everything together, white glue over seems, and rubber cement to hold the templates to the posterboard. To cut everything I've used sharp scissors and an exacto knife when necessary. I did use regular beer box cardboard for the dome base and supports.
I'll give some updates if anybody's interested. This is a lot easier than some might think.



I am curious to see how this comes out. But I have to ask, as I may have messed up myself. Isnt the base of the dome part supposed to be down further, it looks alittle high. In my pics, I just quickly tossed some tape on the fingers sticking up since it looked like wilson from the movie castaway. LOL

Since this will be my first scratch built helmet using the same plans you have, could you do a tut of sorts. Especially since you have done this before on other helmets.

I am using the same posterboard you are I think. I found superglue soaked in, but didnt stick. And the only thing I could use (that I had on hand) was plastic weld.

Im doing my dome with a baseball batters helmet. I figure that would look better in the end.

Here's the link to my helmet pics

Im adding a strip of cardboard to the ridge around the base of the dome. To get the height away from the rest of the helmet.

Keep going M8 looks great!



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This is my first helmet ever. Why did you think I had done others??? Anyway, I don't think the dome is too high...? I cut and measured everything exactly and everything has lined up and fit perfectly so I don't know. Putting the dome together was easy. I bent a strip to fit into the strip next to it and put a small piece of tape at the bottom and one in the middle and did that all around. Then I flipped the helmet upside down and pushed it down on a table slowly until all the points were exactly in the middle and I put some tape across it while I held it. If it's too high somebody tell me before I seal it up! There were no exact instructions just a bunch of templates and a little common sense.


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After you said that it looked too tall I checked some other peoples' pics and it seems like their domes are the size of my dome WITHOUT that bottom strip that tells you the front and back. Why would that be though? Even WOF's thread where he posted the templates shows his helmet seemingly without that bottom strip. Hmm, good thing I haven't done anything else with it yet. Thanks for saying something.


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Looks great! As for the dome the base of the dome has an extra 1/2" or so in order to hold all the piece together while you shape it and to give you some gluing surface. It can be trimmed as needed to fit the rest of the helmet.

Some day I will get around to doing a full tutorial. If you have any questions just let me know, I'll be watching

Im going ahead with the boba plans, in hope the changes arent too extreme to turn it into a Jango helmet.

I do have some questions on where to go from here to make this a one off helmet. Using the paper as a mold. Any Ideas? Id like it to be made of something strong yet easy to tool. Fiber glass is darn messy, and things like JB weld, or bondo, are like trying to sand a rock.

Any ideas?
On my setup I tossed all the parts of the templates out minus the cheek pieces, and the 4 pieces that make up the outer skin. I then used the dome base, and the helmet base as a form, this leaves everything else inside to make the mold off of.




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Ok here's a small update. I removed the bottom strip from my dome to make the helmet the correct height. I made all the ears and made and installed the keyhole part. I had to reinstall the cardboard helmet base support because things were feeling a little flimsy. And finally I've done a few coats of rubberized undercoating for the inside. It's turning out pretty good. The next main step is to start with the bondo.
I'm curious if I should be using bondo for the entire helmet to keep things consistent with sanding or if I just use it on the imperfections that need shaping. Any input would be appreciated.